Baseball, Hot Dogs and Erectile Dysfunction?

Posted: October 17, 2014 in Uncategorized
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So much for Baseball, hotdogs, and apple pie!

Its the bottom of the ninth, tied up, one man on. If the SF Giants score, game over and its off to the World Series. Pitcher change, dammit! Its off to another commercial. Oh wait, its a hot blonde laying in bed looking all sexy, no problem, me like.

Then with a sexy voice, she starts talking about “Erectile Dysfunction?” My initial reaction was, the DVR changed channels to record South Park (for the kids of course) or some other show.

But no, this is the last game of the best playoff series I have ever seen, and I am watching a commercial about a solution for not being able to “pop the tent” anymore. Whats wrong with this picture? Am I just not with the times? My whole mood just went from excitement to, well, flaccid

Being a marketing guru my whole life and never being a big fan of advertising, this is one of the best examples of why direct marketing is so much more effective than advertising.

Why spend millions on a commercial to be watched by a massive age group that, their last worry right now is, “how am I going to get a full erection?” Granted some men in that 40-90 age group will see the commercial, but really


Try one bathtub first!

Try one bathtub!

If Cialis did a direct mail (or “male”) campaign, they could have saved north of a million dollars, not to mention target an audience that is specific and relevant to their product. (Men, 40-90, etc.)  Plus, with something like “Erectile Dysfunction,” the mailbox is a little less “public” and would probably be received better if the message was received privately in the home. Direct mail does all of that!

If Cialis is insistent on advertising during baseball games, maybe at least they can change over to some type of Softball league where us older wiser men play!

My time is UP, you have been great!





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