Save money, grab your Service and General Sales Manager for a quick meeting. Split it, cover both with one mailer.

Save even more money, stretch it out over the quarter!

Suggested dates:

1) 3,333 Pieces for November 15th
2) 3,333 Pieces for November 29th
3) 3,334 Pieces for December 20th or 27th

Includes 10,000 Pieces:

  • 11×17 Bi-fold
  • Year, Make, Model List
  • Four Color
  • U.S. Post Office “Priority Mail” Look
  • 80 Lb Coated Cover Stock
  • Postage – STD
  • Glued and Perforated

Only $5,999 (or $1,999 each drop)

Your Investment Goes To Your Mailer,
Never Commissions, Over Rides, etc!

Additional Options:

Call the owner Todd Vowell Today:

Cell 916-580-5190


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