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this is going to cost me

There are thousands of vehicle owners in a 10 mile radius of your Car Repair Shop/Dealership right now that need car repairs badly but because of an imperfect credit rating system, they’re barred from buying those parts and repairs.

In today’s fast paced economy, a better guide (or gauge) to personal financial responsibility is needed. “No Credit Check” Car Repair Funds is just that. It gives people deserved purchasing capability, without the old “pull the credit, to determine ones ability to pay back.” Credit Scores Shouldn’t Stop Car Repairs!

Offer customers a viable extended payment plan that is not based on credit. You can side step credit issues and still get paid 100% GUARANTEED within 5 days.

I know what your thinking, “oh he is just trying to sell something.” Yes, I am, that’s right. But this is a little different, in fact very different. We are talking about helping good people (your customers) get repairs done on their vehicle that not only make their car safer for them, but for everyone else on the road as well. We are talking about hard-working single moms (and dads) that get up every day, take the kids to school, and then they go off to work.  Their vehicle is everything.


• 76% of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck
• 46% have less than $800 to cover emergency (car repairs)
• 40.28% of all workers make less than $20,000 a year today

Those stats mean something. If I am the owner of a Car Repair Shop or Dealership, I want to give my customers as many options to pay as possible. It means more business. But as I mentioned earlier, with car repair, it is so much more than that.

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Dealers, GM’s, Fixed Op Managers, Independent Car Repair Owners and Managers!

Take a look at that picture to the right. Is it for selling a car or fixing it? If you said “selling a car,” you would be correct. However, it leads to a bigger question, why?

Why do car dealerships have several lenders, financing, and funding choices set up for selling a vehicle to folks with Bad Credit, No Credit, Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Etc.?

But when it comes to fixing a vehicle, its “Cash or Credit Card?” I can tell you the reason for so many options to sell a vehicle is just that, to sell more cars. But if you follow that same formula, wouldn’t more ways to pay for fixing a customers vehicle, sell more service, parts, and increase labor? Of course it would!

Before we explain more, its critically important to understand that when it comes to Service and Car Repair, we are NOT talking about financing anyone (NO LOANS, NO CREDIT SCORES, NO “APPLY HERE FOR CREDIT,” No “CAR CARE ONE or VISA”)

This is about Service Departments and Independent Car Repair Shops offering their customers an alternative to financing (or “No Credit Check, Same as Cash” Car Repair). This is about telling your customers they are more than just a “credit score number.”  In fact, no credit is even pulled.

Fix my own car3

Get business you would have NEVER seen!

Imagine your Car Repair Customers:

  • Having the ability to prequalify at home
  • Get all the car repairs done today, not just a few (You still get paid 100%)
  • Being thankful for your services and customer service
  • Not be judged by their credit score
  • Being offered an option other than “your bill is $1,714” such as “$292.10 down and 26 payments of $56.03!”

The Last important question is, will this separate you from the pack and generate business you would have never seen? To answer, Google a 10 mile radius of your dealership or repair shop and see how many competitors offer alternative ways to pay. You will find you are unique and have something the competition doesn’t have. Isn’t that what its all about? The ones that jump first are the ones that gain the most. Eventually all the followers will jump in. (but only because they have to)

xmas card chrysler

Top 3 Ways Dealers Report Using Bonus $500 Southwest Gift Card!

3) Sales manger flops it on the conference table and says, “Top gross this weekend takes home the $500 Southwest Gift card!

2) Salesperson who writes up COMPLETELY the customer with absolute worst credit score, takes the $500 Southwest Gift card!

1) Manager just keeps the $500 Southwest Air Gift card and fly’s his/her in-laws OUT of town! Boom, Rim Shot!

BMD introduces December “Drip & Trip” offer for car dealers nationwide. This is 10,000 pieces of direct mail printed up all once for maximum discounts and then dropped strategically throughout the month of December.

All dealerships will receive a $500 Gift Card From Southwest Airlines to travel to over 85 destinations. Your salespeople work hard and with the holidays here, they will work even harder. What better way to reward them than with a contest! Keep it, use it for a contest, whatever you want, but don’t miss the biggest month of the year!

Some call the week after Christmas and before New Years, the 13th month. Make sure you dig in and have a strong presence!

 Call Todd at Buy Mail Direct Today!
Investment: $6,999


  • 10,000 Pieces
  • Four Color
  • Custom Design
  • Graphics and Creative
  • Mailing list
  • Up to three drops
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  • SWA 500 Gift Card

car repair funds jarSome people know they need car repairs done and literally drive around with the yellow light on for months. They stash a dollar here and five bucks there until they save up enough money.  Only 46% of Americans have $1,000 put aside for an emergency like car repair, and 76% live “paycheck to pay check.”

I have been offering products and services to the automotive industry for close to 30 years now. This is the first time anything has really touched me this deep. We are talking about families or single moms that have to get the kids to school and then off to work themselves. This can be a task when its 2 degrees out or pouring rain, and the brakes are shot, and/or tires are bald. The safety (especially their kids) can come into play real quick.

What does a single mom with three kids, living “pay check to pay check” do when she is hit with a $1,600 car repair bill that she can not pay and either does not have credit cards or has them but just not enough room? I was surprised to learn how many dealerships have a secret A/R “off the books” that help folks get repairs now and then pay it back over time. (I wish all the people that Yelp and scream how terrible car dealers are knew or learned more about all the good things they do)

Anyway, Buy Mail Direct is proud to present and offer automotive dealerships/Independent Car Repair Shops a solution that does not involve financing or even checking credit, and looks at customers as more than just a credit score number. (Oh she is a 525, forget it)There is nothing wrong with car repair financing like Car Care One,  My Synchrony, and others.

However, with No Credit Check Funds, the customer can simply stretch the payments out over 6 months or even up to a year. The Dealership/Repair Shop receives 100% of their money guaranteed within five days and the customer gets all the parts and work done now. Its that simple…

Bottom line, the Dealership/Repair Shop separates from the pack, gets the business (and more of it in certain circumstances), and the customer enjoys a safer vehicle today.  Not only is the vehicle safer for that particular family, but a safer car makes the roads safer for everyone else on the road as well. The “No Credit Check, Car Repair Funds” is just good all round. Inquire today. You will be glad you did, and so will your customers, service writers, technicians, customers, and mechanics.



Complex Variable Allows Relevancy to Every Customer!Target Data List

Static is cheaper per piece but way more expensive with “ROI eyes”

Imagine sending 10,000 local 2003-2012 year vehicle owners, a custom specific letter showing each one the current value of their vehicle. (directly off their Vin using KBB or BB) Then offering an additional 10-20% (110-120% of value) during an Invitation only event. That is the beauty of using complex variable data process. Your message in now relevant to each customer.

With static though, everyone gets the same exact message. There is no personalization. You may save money on the “per piece price,” but the ROI is night and day.

A 10,000 Piece static mailer investment is $4,999. You get 100 people, sell 10 cars @ $2,800 a copy or $28,000. (A $23,001 ROI)

A 10,000 Piece Complex Variable Data mailer investment is $7,999. $3,000 more, but the results justify the extra cash out. Sell 20 cars @ $2,800 a copy or $56,000 ($48,001 ROI)

static vs variable