Dominate Your Market With Complex Variable!

Posted: November 12, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Complex Variable Allows Relevancy to Every Customer!Target Data List

Static is cheaper per piece but way more expensive with “ROI eyes”

Imagine sending 10,000 local 2003-2012 year vehicle owners, a custom specific letter showing each one the current value of their vehicle. (directly off their Vin using KBB or BB) Then offering an additional 10-20% (110-120% of value) during an Invitation only event. That is the beauty of using complex variable data process. Your message in now relevant to each customer.

With static though, everyone gets the same exact message. There is no personalization. You may save money on the “per piece price,” but the ROI is night and day.

A 10,000 Piece static mailer investment is $4,999. You get 100 people, sell 10 cars @ $2,800 a copy or $28,000. (A $23,001 ROI)

A 10,000 Piece Complex Variable Data mailer investment is $7,999. $3,000 more, but the results justify the extra cash out. Sell 20 cars @ $2,800 a copy or $56,000 ($48,001 ROI)

static vs variable


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