car repair funds jarSome people know they need car repairs done and literally drive around with the yellow light on for months. They stash a dollar here and five bucks there until they save up enough money.  Only 46% of Americans have $1,000 put aside for an emergency like car repair, and 76% live “paycheck to pay check.”

I have been offering products and services to the automotive industry for close to 30 years now. This is the first time anything has really touched me this deep. We are talking about families or single moms that have to get the kids to school and then off to work themselves. This can be a task when its 2 degrees out or pouring rain, and the brakes are shot, and/or tires are bald. The safety (especially their kids) can come into play real quick.

What does a single mom with three kids, living “pay check to pay check” do when she is hit with a $1,600 car repair bill that she can not pay and either does not have credit cards or has them but just not enough room? I was surprised to learn how many dealerships have a secret A/R “off the books” that help folks get repairs now and then pay it back over time. (I wish all the people that Yelp and scream how terrible car dealers are knew or learned more about all the good things they do)

Anyway, Buy Mail Direct is proud to present and offer automotive dealerships/Independent Car Repair Shops a solution that does not involve financing or even checking credit, and looks at customers as more than just a credit score number. (Oh she is a 525, forget it)There is nothing wrong with car repair financing like Car Care One,  My Synchrony, and others.

However, with No Credit Check Funds, the customer can simply stretch the payments out over 6 months or even up to a year. The Dealership/Repair Shop receives 100% of their money guaranteed within five days and the customer gets all the parts and work done now. Its that simple…

Bottom line, the Dealership/Repair Shop separates from the pack, gets the business (and more of it in certain circumstances), and the customer enjoys a safer vehicle today.  Not only is the vehicle safer for that particular family, but a safer car makes the roads safer for everyone else on the road as well. The “No Credit Check, Car Repair Funds” is just good all round. Inquire today. You will be glad you did, and so will your customers, service writers, technicians, customers, and mechanics.




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