xmas card chrysler

Top 3 Ways Dealers Report Using Bonus $500 Southwest Gift Card!

3) Sales manger flops it on the conference table and says, “Top gross this weekend takes home the $500 Southwest Gift card!

2) Salesperson who writes up COMPLETELY the customer with absolute worst credit score, takes the $500 Southwest Gift card!

1) Manager just keeps the $500 Southwest Air Gift card and fly’s his/her in-laws OUT of town! Boom, Rim Shot!

BMD introduces December “Drip & Trip” offer for car dealers nationwide. This is 10,000 pieces of direct mail printed up all once for maximum discounts and then dropped strategically throughout the month of December.

All dealerships will receive a $500 Gift Card From Southwest Airlines to travel to over 85 destinations. Your salespeople work hard and with the holidays here, they will work even harder. What better way to reward them than with a contest! Keep it, use it for a contest, whatever you want, but don’t miss the biggest month of the year!

Some call the week after Christmas and before New Years, the 13th month. Make sure you dig in and have a strong presence!

 Call Todd at Buy Mail Direct Today!
Investment: $6,999


  • 10,000 Pieces
  • Four Color
  • Custom Design
  • Graphics and Creative
  • Mailing list
  • Up to three drops
  • Bonus: $500 Southwest Airlines Gift Card
  • SWA 500 Gift Card

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