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Dealers, GM’s, Fixed Op Managers, Independent Car Repair Owners and Managers!

Take a look at that picture to the right. Is it for selling a car or fixing it? If you said “selling a car,” you would be correct. However, it leads to a bigger question, why?

Why do car dealerships have several lenders, financing, and funding choices set up for selling a vehicle to folks with Bad Credit, No Credit, Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Etc.?

But when it comes to fixing a vehicle, its “Cash or Credit Card?” I can tell you the reason for so many options to sell a vehicle is just that, to sell more cars. But if you follow that same formula, wouldn’t more ways to pay for fixing a customers vehicle, sell more service, parts, and increase labor? Of course it would!

Before we explain more, its critically important to understand that when it comes to Service and Car Repair, we are NOT talking about financing anyone (NO LOANS, NO CREDIT SCORES, NO “APPLY HERE FOR CREDIT,” No “CAR CARE ONE or VISA”)

This is about Service Departments and Independent Car Repair Shops offering their customers an alternative to financing (or “No Credit Check, Same as Cash” Car Repair). This is about telling your customers they are more than just a “credit score number.”  In fact, no credit is even pulled.

Fix my own car3

Get business you would have NEVER seen!

Imagine your Car Repair Customers:

  • Having the ability to prequalify at home
  • Get all the car repairs done today, not just a few (You still get paid 100%)
  • Being thankful for your services and customer service
  • Not be judged by their credit score
  • Being offered an option other than “your bill is $1,714” such as “$292.10 down and 26 payments of $56.03!”

The Last important question is, will this separate you from the pack and generate business you would have never seen? To answer, Google a 10 mile radius of your dealership or repair shop and see how many competitors offer alternative ways to pay. You will find you are unique and have something the competition doesn’t have. Isn’t that what its all about? The ones that jump first are the ones that gain the most. Eventually all the followers will jump in. (but only because they have to)


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