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take a test drive

Does Social Media really influence anyone to buy a car? If someone I know post up on Facebook, they just bought a Toyota Camry, does that make me want to go buy one too? Hardly… In fact, it makes me want to go buy a Cadillac.(Anything but what they just bought)

So while many new automotive marketing “experts” reinvent the industry using the Internet as their foundation, there are three top influences that have always determined actual sales and still do.

They are:

  1. The dealership visit
  2. The salesperson
  3. The test drive

That’s it. Even though some of today’s car buyers spend hours online researching automotive features, history, pricing, ratings, etc, it continues to come down to the relationship with the dealership, the salesperson, and how well the car drives.

Lets go through each one.

The Dealership visit: When was the last time you really took a step back and looked through the eyes of that new prospect parking at your dealership for the first time and getting out of his/her car? What happens? What is their actual experience? Just like in sports, there is the “play” drawn up on the chalk board, then there is the “real life experience” play we all see live and in color. The chalk board play always makes sense and works well. But as we all know, for the live action experience to work well, we must practice, practice, practice, to get it right.

Start with the parking. Don’t test it out Tuesday morning before you are open. Try to park at your dealership on Saturday afternoon. Is it easy? Are you forced to park right below 5 salespeople with sunglasses in a circle, smoking, telling jokes, and fighting over who is “up” next?  Are you greeted before you can even get out of your car? When you are greeted, is it in a professional way? (Anyone got you yet? Hello and welcome, how may we be of service today?)

What about the vehicles? Are they lined up straight? All start? All have gas? I know these are basic questions but it seems in today’s ever-changing landscape, basics get ignored more than we think.

The Salesperson. This one is key. As the old saying goes, “people buy, or don’t buy, primarily based on feelings.” Meaning, if they feel good about you, they will buy, if not, they won’t. Unfortunately, a few dealerships have throw in the towel, and offer a small salary with some incentives to a “glorified greeter.” They have given up on the professional, tenacious, persistent, “relationship building,” automotive salesperson. This is a mistake. Car dealers should be fighting for and recruiting the areas best of the best. Land them, and pay them good. Your dealership will earn much more money!  If you ever want to find out what dealership pays the best in your market, just ask around in places where salespeople like to meet!

The Test Drive: So many new “Internet experts” want the car buying process to be performed all online. They have gambled by leaving good careers behind and count on it. But unfortunately, it remains rather simple, time tested, and easy to understand. The test drive ultimately has a major influence on the customer buying the vehicle or not. All the on-line data, reviews, endorsements, awards, and references don’t mean diddly, if the “Test Drive” stinks and the vehicle just doesn’t handle, and perform up to and exceed expectations.

Bottom-line for 2015. Don’t push people to your website or the Internet, unless you continue to push them all the way to your dealership. This includes a plan for the moment they park at your dealership, to the relationship with your salesperson, to the awesome “test drive” that will ultimately see them all the way to busting bugs- GREAT SELLING!


J.D. Power and Associates says that sales of new cars and trucks at U.S. auto dealerships will climb to 13.83 million in 2015.


A strong Multichannel Digital/Direct Mail Marketing strategy is critical to gain market share in 2015. Dealerships that don’t, will lose market share to the dealers that DO!

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Just Some of The Sources:

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The best summary I have ever heard concerning our industry comes from Leigh Silver, who puts it like this: “The service operations can be viewed as a combination of running a sales floor, in conjun…


This article is so accurate. I just got back from signing up a Toyota dealership for our "No Credit Check" Car Repair Funding program and toured the Service Dept. If your Service is not selling, then get your GSM back there and start training NOW! One thing that also helps sales and service are more ways for customers to pay than just Cash or Credit"

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christmas card sample

When it comes to the big Holidays like Christmas, direct mail is still on top. Emails are still very effective and a nice compliment but traditional direct mail still means something.

In fact, with all the newer less expensive ways to communicate through social media and other Cyber strategies, the art in itself of sending a Holiday Card through the mail, means more than ever these days and is even more appreciated.

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