With Low Gas Prices, Time to Target SUV, Sedan and Truck Owners!

Posted: December 11, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Lowest Gas Prices in Over Six Years!gas graph

Target every SUV and Sedan in your market now while the iron is HOT!

Move those SUV’s and Sedans off the lot and fill the black top with quality pre-owned ones at the same time!

With BMD’s recent annual Auto “Make/Model” update, dealers can target all local SUV, Truck and Sedan owners to not only replenish used vehicle inventory but sell new SUV’s, Trucks, Sedans, and any other vehicles that may be effected by high gas prices that are now at a six year low.

big SUVAs we all know, low gas prices are not going to stay low. So now is the time!
Click here, find out how many SUV’s, Trucks, and Sedans are in your market right now!

Even MORE savings!

Section 179 is alive and well! Many customers should be able to take advantage of great tax incentives like 50% Bonus depreciation. Keep checking IRS updates!(Yes, we can target customers will a small business working out of the house or with 20 locations)

section 179
Dominate the market, don’t wait and react. Be proactive and take it to the customers!
Call The owner Todd Vowell:



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