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No Credit Check CarL

Chico, CA: Buy Mail Direct, the creator of “No Credit Check, Car Repair Funds” that allow automotive dealerships and Independent Repair Shops nationwide, an alternative for customers to pay beyond the old traditional “Check or Credit Card,” for their car repair service customers.

“46% of Americans have less than $1,000 socked away for emergencies like car repairs and 76% are living paycheck to paycheck these days, so this is a win/win for the customer and the dealership,” said CEO Todd Vowell. “Families need that car to get the kids to school and then work so a dependable and safe vehicle is a must have these days”, he continued.

So how does it work? Customers that need car repairs but are a little short today or have no credit card now have more options. Its like “Lay-a-way” except they get the service/product up front and the dealership/repair shop get 100% of their money GUARANTEED within five days. Dealers report an increase in “one item repair orders, declined repairs, parts, HPRO, and even Retail labor sales.

There is no credit check but the customer does apply online and gets prequalified for an amount (up to $5,000) using a double patented process that evaluates each customer’s ability to pay it back. There is no financing whatsoever. The customer never “applies for credit!” The customer simply pays a small down payment up front and has the option to pay it back over the next 3, 6 even 12 months. It’s that simple…

“Car dealerships will sell a car to someone with a BK, Judgment, Divorce, and a Lien but won’t repair the customer’s car unless they pay it all up front? That needs to change and it is!” said CEO, Todd Vowell. “There are so many hard working people out there going about their lives who face unexpected car repair work. They have a job and just may need to extend that repair bill out a little to make it more affordable.” Vowell continued. “I can’t afford it…” changes to “Now, I can afford it!”


About BMD
BMD creates the path, never follows it. BMD delivers results with innovative digital, direct marketing, and customer payment solutions. The BMD team has over 28 years’ experience serving car, RV, boat dealers and repair shops, from coast to coast. Please send inquiries to


The Mission should you decide to take it: knock

1) The Used Car Manager will gas up a demo and visit each house that has a vehicle and gather information like Year, Make, and Model. (If its in the garage, peek through a window)

2) Get “clean book market value” for that vehicle.

3) Knock on the door and tell the vehicle owner that your dealership would be willing to buy their vehicle for that “book market value” plus throw on an additional 10% if they do it right now! (Of course adjust for normal wear and tear, excessive mileage, etc.)

4) If the owner of the vehicle is not there, just have your manager wait for them. (however long it takes)

5) If they want to do the deal but would need to replace the vehicle, bring them back to the dealership to pick out a new or newer car. (keep payments around the same amount)

6) If they want to do the deal but need some extra help financing it, bring out the F&I manager to help.

7) Now have the Used Car Manager repeat these steps at the next 10,000 closest households around the dealership. (It will take about 371 days or just over a year, if you did about 27 a day, so pack a lunch!)

If your Used Car Manager really did this, how many cars would you sell? Zero or just a few? I think most rational and fair minded owners/managers would say several! (Not to mention, some killer trades)

Or Just Call me and we will basically do the same thing in about an hour via our updated and targeted Digital/Direct Mail Marketing campaign for around .69 cents each!

Time management, its a beautiful thing…

Todd Vowell
Digital Car Leads
Buy Mail Direct, Inc.



Service orders and profit have jumped at Garber Buick in Saginaw, Mich., since the store started offering credit-card applications and interest-free credit to cash-strapped customers.


Finding more convenient ways to pay is becoming hot, don’t be left behind!

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free sign

Would you be interested in getting all the four-color direct mail (including postage, list, printing, everything) you want for free? How about FREE TV Commercials, Radio Spots, Billboards, and Newspaper (Front Page) as well? Are you thinking “that is ridiculous” by chance? Before I make my point, stay with me for a second.

Imagine if you really could get all the direct mail you want for free. How much would you do? How often? If it was just you, not bad.

But, the offer stands for everyone else as well.(Sorry!) That means not just your competition, but every industry including Restaurants, Agriculture, Tobacco, Alcohol, Apparel, Furniture, Transportation, Communications, Food Stores, Drugs, Insurance, Real Estate, Banks, Pornography, Lodging, Automotive Repair, Motion Pictures, Health Services, Legal Services,  Jewelry, Fund Raisers, Political, etc. (There are several hundred more)

Still interested? Hey its free right? Can’t hurt? If your thinking I’m going to now tell you it’s not actually ridiculous and exist today, would you believe me?  Did the Internet just pop in your head? Good, it should have because that is exactly my point. It would be the same “arena” that exist today on the Internet.

The Internet is a world of free advertising with “wild wild west” environments where anything goes. (and often does) Before you “Internet gurus” attack me, wait. My point is not to try to convince anyone that Cyberspace is bad at all. Quite the contrary. The Internet has made everything we do better, faster, and saved us all countless gobs of money.wild wild westMy point is effective channels like Direct Mail have never been more powerful. It was not long ago that potential customers used to pass on Direct Mail because their area was too saturated. Can you believe that?  Then came along the Internet. I wonder where they are now? With Direct mail, you compete with a few local competitors. With the Internet, your competing with hundreds if not thousands of competitors. (Talk about saturation!)

If you believe that selling is still about forming relationships and “one to one” messages that are relevant to each consumer, is the best way to build solid customers, then invest in Direct Mail. The Internet is a great tool to enhance your approach no question.

The Internet just like Direct Mail and all the rest of the tools we use to generate leads, prospects, and opportunities, has a money factor. Value counts. If you buy 30 seconds for your commercial, the price will be “slightly” different if it runs at 2:00AM or during the Super Bowl.

The value of a direct mail piece actually rises as total volume goes down!

Let me end with a serious question. Would you invest .75 cents to get your “one to one” RELEVANT message hand delivered to each and every decision maker most likely to purchase your product, because they have already bought from you (or the same product you sell, but bought from your competitor) in the past? If yes, enjoy your next digital/direct mail marketing campaign! Great Selling!

Two types of car dealerships today. One waits for leads (or buys 3rd party ones)  and reacts to them. The other, creates their own leads and is proactive, goes after them! This is for the latter.

You have $5,500 budgeted for a 10,000 piece mailer to build traffic. The $5,500 includes everything. (Like four color, postage, list, graphics, the usual)

These critical Add-on features will turn your campaign into a Lead Generating, Car Buying Machine!

1) Personal URL – People open their mail next to their computer, tablet, or even phone these days. Many don’t want to call the dealership for more info so give then other options like a Personal URL to log on to. This will boost response rates big time and of course in-turn boost leads, appointments, and SOLD prospects.

2) QR Code – Mobile and smart phones are skyrocketing! A QR Code option for leads says, “hey we get it,” you don’t want to call yet and don’t even want to type in some website. You just want to snap and go. A QR Code gives your hip customers that option. Again boosting response rates big time, and generating far more leads, appointments, and SOLD prospects.

3) Activation Code – Putting an activation code on the direct mail piece in conjunction with other complex variable data info (like year, make, model) provides the consumer with “confidence” that they are calling a valid trust worthy company. That initial confidence in the early stages  is what establishes the hardest part of creating any relationship.

4) BDC – When leads respond to a direct mail piece, they are gold but quickly turn to copper if not responded to quickly (within 5 min.), professionally, and with the ultimate goal of setting an appointment. If you outsource the BDC, make sure calls are answered 24/7. (Here in the USA)  Leads should be compatible with major CRM’s in the auto industry . Also make sure they are compliant and follow all the rules. Have scripts and processes vetted by a well know legal authority. (Like Hudson and Cook, LLP)

5) Tracking and Stats – Customer information like phone numbers (cell phones especially) and emails are critical today. Also, know exactly what your investment is returning. With so much Social Media and other newer channels, accountability has slid. Stick with channels you can track and know that you are not just getting a return but enjoying a SWEET ROI!

Here is what the process should look like for real success:

direct mail bdc map


Will adding these channels and value to your campaign also increase the investment? Yes, of course. But if paying $5,500 is getting you traffic and adding about $2,400 gets you better bottom line results, it makes much more “cents!”
Many dealers average $2,400 front and back so would you sell at least one more car adding all these enhancements? (Hope your nodding your head yes right now)

100 leads with without





NB 626

When “running” a successful Digital/Direct Mail campaign, one of the busiest by far is the Used Car Manager. Especially with “Buy Backs” still evolving, still gaining, and still producing record results. Not only are the NM 626 designed with superior cushion, that are also slip resistant. (Very important because of weather in some states) Also, they are all black and can pass for dress shoes.

Is it just the shoes? Hardly. As much as so many want to try and convince us that things have changed, sorry but some things will never change. The car business is still about people and relationships. Not just customer relationships but you and the dealership personnel relationships. Your management team, support staff and salespeople are what make or break any event.

Just like the last 100 years, we sell the sizzle, not the steak for true success. Dealers/GM’s need to sell their managers, salespeople, receptionist, and all team members on any special event as well. (Not just the customers)

For example, the next time you run an event, hold a special meeting. (Over and beyond the “regular day, regular time” so its unique, different, and really means something)  Bring up the “Used Car Manager” and/or anyone else that appraises cars (get their shoe size before hand) and present them with a sweet looking pair of New Balance 626 Shoes and tell them, (along with everyone else), YOU ARE GOING TO NEED THEM BECAUSE WE JUST SENT 10,000 LOCAL CAR OWNERS AN AGGRESSIVE “OFFER TO BUY” THEIR CAR FOR 10% OVER CURRENT BOOK VALUES FOR ONE DAY ONLY- SO YOU WILL BE BUSY NEXT SATURDAY!

Want to take it even further? Get all your salespeople New Balance 626 Shoes for the event. The point is, MAKE THE EVENT SPECIAL. Find ways to break out, be different, motivate, inspire. Get Crazy! You want your team to walk away thinking, “I love this dealership, my boss rocks, its different, its awesome, the owner really cares.”

Have a smaller budget? It could be something as simple yet effective as buying everyone a box of Wheaties and telling them, “You Better Eat Your Wheaties Because We Are Going To Be Busy!”

This is the car business, we have fun. Buying a car is exciting. Your customers deserve excitement and so does your sales team!

If you are pumped up, your managers will be pumped up. If your managers are pumped up, your salespeople will be pumped up. If your salespeople are pumped up, your customers will be pumped up. Pumped up customers, BUY CARS! (I know you know that, its just fun to write)

Great Selling!

Todd Vowell,


Digital Car Leads

Buy Mail Direct, Inc.

i dare you

I got lucky the other day and caught a customer (car dealer) at the right time. He was in a good mood, had time to talk, and boy did he. We talked about how the industry has changed since we first did business back in 1994.  20 years is a long time to work with a customer, what an experience.

He said to me, “you remember the first time we met Todd? You wouldn’t leave me alone on the phone so I signed up to do a direct mailer with you and you flew out, held a meeting with my managers the day before the event, then you did another meeting for my salespeople Saturday morning, the day of the event.” I told him I absolutely remember it and remember it well.

But then he asked me another question that still has me thinking. He said, “Why don’t you and other companies fly out, meet, and train dealerships anymore?”

There are many reasons why, but a bigger question is who let it happen? Was it car dealers that grind and wanted a better price and the only way to cut the price was to cut the product/service such as travel/training? Was it direct mail marketing companies that advertised cheap prices and didn’t include travel/training because they were not from the automotive industry, but knew how to print? (I know of at least one big automotive direct mail company today that has a CEO that has never stepped on the black top, EVER. He wouldn’t know how to train dealership salespeople if you Forced him to)

No matter who it was, here we are. We have the most sophisticated and advanced bag of technology ever but no training for the dealership on how to handle the extra traffic. We have the ability to print four color with complex variable data process “on the fly” including images! We have the ability to append current vehicle values to each customers car, add 10% and show the total, for each piece. We have fonts that look like “handwriting” that can even include variable info as well. We have it all except WE DON’T HELP THE DEALERSHIP PREPARE FOR THE EVENT THE WAY WE USED TO.

Forget whose fault it is. If you are a Car Dealer/GM, here is some advice. If you want to sell 15-35 extra cars over one weekend with a Digital/Direct mail campaign, don’t let the price determine what/who you invest in. Evaluate what your dealership team is going to receive along with the campaign.

What good is getting 100-250 extra people on the lot if your team is not committed to really prepare and handle the traffic? That’s not to say you don’t know how to handle the people but there needs to be a solid plan designed and executed by strong leadership. There is an art to handling extra traffic and making sure every lead is handled correctly from the moment they park to transferring all personal belongings in their new car. It takes training, and lots of practice. (Hence, we had a lot of traffic but just didn’t sell any cars!)

On many websites today, I see pictures of the team. I see “Advertising/Marketing managers that look fresh out of college and never sold a car in their life. How do they sync with the sales manager and sales team? Do they sync? I don’t know…

The entire dealership needs to be unified. All salespeople, managers, F&I, Service (if their open on Saturdays), receptionist, greeters, and anyone else,  need to be on the same page with the right attitude. One “Johnny Raincloud” can spread like a wild fire and by the time prospects show up, your whole sales team is contaminated and you won’t even know about it. There has to be a process. A well planed, well thought out process, followed by all.

Not to brag at all but I have written, produced, and sold over 35,000 campaigns since 1988 (over 100 a month). Most dealerships do at most, one campaign a month,or even one a year. That is 12 a year or less compared to my thousands a year. So believe me, there are companies out there that can help you and your team prepare for the event.

Don’t just hire someone to print your mailer because you can get it .49 cents each. Hire a company to get you results. Results worth celebrating! Ask if training is included or can be included. Training training training. Repetition, practice, drill!

No matter how much technology, Social Media, and Internet we have, selling cars still comes down to the dealership, the test drive, and the salesperson. This is still and always will be a “relationship building business.” Its about people…

My time is up, you have been great. Good selling!

Todd Vowell

Digital Car LEads

Buy Mail Direct, Inc.