Question for Car Dealers/Managers!


If direct mail is really dead, then are these dead too?

  • Balloons on every car
  • Wacky Wavy Arm Guy
  • Music and DJ congratulating car buyers
  • Pizza in the break room (can eat it hot or cold)
  • Firing up the BBQ
  • Putting the 20 foot blue gorilla up on the roof
  • Pop popcorn
  • Ice-chest full of soda pop and coffee for customers
  • Hotdogs and hamburgers


Let me ask another couple questions:

1) You go to a Steakhouse restaurant at 7:45PM to have dinner. No one is there. Your group, the only customers. Are you going to eat there or the Steakhouse across the street that has a 5-10 minute wait because its packed?

2) You go to a night club with $10 Cover charge. You poke your head in and no one is there. Are you going to stay or go to that other place across the street that has a $25 Cover charge and is jam packed?

3) You go car shopping. One dealership has nothing on the lot but vehicles and well dressed salespeople. Visitor parking is wide open, and no one is in the showroom or booths filling out credit apps, or buying cars. Are you going to go there or that dealership across the street with the music, balloons, booths filled, Big ass Gorilla on the roof, and people all over the place? What dealership are you going to?

My point is don’t believe what you hear all the time. The only people that say direct mail is dead are people who jumped the “traditional ship” in hopes of a ground floor opportunity and earn more money selling social media and other “internet channels!”

The truth is, direct mail will never die. (at least not in our life time) The Internet is not a threat to direct mail or vice versa. They are like peanut-butter and chocolate. they are great by themselves but put them together and WOW!

Also, don’t read so many blogs from people who don’t understand the car business that you start to think people don’t like a fun dealership or atmosphere. Its not true. Also, people like to haggle. Yes, some don’t but that’s too bad. The car business is not like any other business. (Sorry Scott Painter but we don’t just sell a commodity.) There are trade-ins values, miles, wear and tear, leases, purchases, good credit low rates, bad credit high rates, and many other factors that go into each deal. There will always be some negotiating so get over it.

Don’t let the Internet or anyone else take the wind out of your sail. Make buying a car at your dealership fun! I am all for treating the customer right and not playing games. You can do that without taking the fun and excitement out of one of the biggest investments your customers will ever make! They deserve to have fun!

As far as direct mail, if you really think it doesn’t work then you may also think it is a bad idea to invest 75 cents a couple times a year to send customers (who invested $20,000 to $75,000 at your dealership or your competitor) a letter telling them you want to buy that car back for top dollar, and put them in a new one, for the same payment or less.

If you had a bad experience with direct mail, maybe the problem wasn’t the mail…

(Don’t shoot the messenger, hire a better one!)

Good Selling!

Todd Vowell

Digital Car LEads

Buy Mail Direct, Inc.

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