Get the New Balance 626 For Your Next Digital/Direct Mail Event!

Posted: January 12, 2015 in Uncategorized
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NB 626

When “running” a successful Digital/Direct Mail campaign, one of the busiest by far is the Used Car Manager. Especially with “Buy Backs” still evolving, still gaining, and still producing record results. Not only are the NM 626 designed with superior cushion, that are also slip resistant. (Very important because of weather in some states) Also, they are all black and can pass for dress shoes.

Is it just the shoes? Hardly. As much as so many want to try and convince us that things have changed, sorry but some things will never change. The car business is still about people and relationships. Not just customer relationships but you and the dealership personnel relationships. Your management team, support staff and salespeople are what make or break any event.

Just like the last 100 years, we sell the sizzle, not the steak for true success. Dealers/GM’s need to sell their managers, salespeople, receptionist, and all team members on any special event as well. (Not just the customers)

For example, the next time you run an event, hold a special meeting. (Over and beyond the “regular day, regular time” so its unique, different, and really means something)  Bring up the “Used Car Manager” and/or anyone else that appraises cars (get their shoe size before hand) and present them with a sweet looking pair of New Balance 626 Shoes and tell them, (along with everyone else), YOU ARE GOING TO NEED THEM BECAUSE WE JUST SENT 10,000 LOCAL CAR OWNERS AN AGGRESSIVE “OFFER TO BUY” THEIR CAR FOR 10% OVER CURRENT BOOK VALUES FOR ONE DAY ONLY- SO YOU WILL BE BUSY NEXT SATURDAY!

Want to take it even further? Get all your salespeople New Balance 626 Shoes for the event. The point is, MAKE THE EVENT SPECIAL. Find ways to break out, be different, motivate, inspire. Get Crazy! You want your team to walk away thinking, “I love this dealership, my boss rocks, its different, its awesome, the owner really cares.”

Have a smaller budget? It could be something as simple yet effective as buying everyone a box of Wheaties and telling them, “You Better Eat Your Wheaties Because We Are Going To Be Busy!”

This is the car business, we have fun. Buying a car is exciting. Your customers deserve excitement and so does your sales team!

If you are pumped up, your managers will be pumped up. If your managers are pumped up, your salespeople will be pumped up. If your salespeople are pumped up, your customers will be pumped up. Pumped up customers, BUY CARS! (I know you know that, its just fun to write)

Great Selling!

Todd Vowell,


Digital Car Leads

Buy Mail Direct, Inc.


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