How to Turn Your Traffic Building Mailer Into a Lead Generating, Car Buying Machine!

Posted: January 12, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Two types of car dealerships today. One waits for leads (or buys 3rd party ones)  and reacts to them. The other, creates their own leads and is proactive, goes after them! This is for the latter.

You have $5,500 budgeted for a 10,000 piece mailer to build traffic. The $5,500 includes everything. (Like four color, postage, list, graphics, the usual)

These critical Add-on features will turn your campaign into a Lead Generating, Car Buying Machine!

1) Personal URL – People open their mail next to their computer, tablet, or even phone these days. Many don’t want to call the dealership for more info so give then other options like a Personal URL to log on to. This will boost response rates big time and of course in-turn boost leads, appointments, and SOLD prospects.

2) QR Code – Mobile and smart phones are skyrocketing! A QR Code option for leads says, “hey we get it,” you don’t want to call yet and don’t even want to type in some website. You just want to snap and go. A QR Code gives your hip customers that option. Again boosting response rates big time, and generating far more leads, appointments, and SOLD prospects.

3) Activation Code – Putting an activation code on the direct mail piece in conjunction with other complex variable data info (like year, make, model) provides the consumer with “confidence” that they are calling a valid trust worthy company. That initial confidence in the early stages  is what establishes the hardest part of creating any relationship.

4) BDC – When leads respond to a direct mail piece, they are gold but quickly turn to copper if not responded to quickly (within 5 min.), professionally, and with the ultimate goal of setting an appointment. If you outsource the BDC, make sure calls are answered 24/7. (Here in the USA)  Leads should be compatible with major CRM’s in the auto industry . Also make sure they are compliant and follow all the rules. Have scripts and processes vetted by a well know legal authority. (Like Hudson and Cook, LLP)

5) Tracking and Stats – Customer information like phone numbers (cell phones especially) and emails are critical today. Also, know exactly what your investment is returning. With so much Social Media and other newer channels, accountability has slid. Stick with channels you can track and know that you are not just getting a return but enjoying a SWEET ROI!

Here is what the process should look like for real success:

direct mail bdc map


Will adding these channels and value to your campaign also increase the investment? Yes, of course. But if paying $5,500 is getting you traffic and adding about $2,400 gets you better bottom line results, it makes much more “cents!”
Many dealers average $2,400 front and back so would you sell at least one more car adding all these enhancements? (Hope your nodding your head yes right now)

100 leads with without






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