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Would you be interested in getting all the four-color direct mail (including postage, list, printing, everything) you want for free? How about FREE TV Commercials, Radio Spots, Billboards, and Newspaper (Front Page) as well? Are you thinking “that is ridiculous” by chance? Before I make my point, stay with me for a second.

Imagine if you really could get all the direct mail you want for free. How much would you do? How often? If it was just you, not bad.

But, the offer stands for everyone else as well.(Sorry!) That means not just your competition, but every industry including Restaurants, Agriculture, Tobacco, Alcohol, Apparel, Furniture, Transportation, Communications, Food Stores, Drugs, Insurance, Real Estate, Banks, Pornography, Lodging, Automotive Repair, Motion Pictures, Health Services, Legal Services,  Jewelry, Fund Raisers, Political, etc. (There are several hundred more)

Still interested? Hey its free right? Can’t hurt? If your thinking I’m going to now tell you it’s not actually ridiculous and exist today, would you believe me?  Did the Internet just pop in your head? Good, it should have because that is exactly my point. It would be the same “arena” that exist today on the Internet.

The Internet is a world of free advertising with “wild wild west” environments where anything goes. (and often does) Before you “Internet gurus” attack me, wait. My point is not to try to convince anyone that Cyberspace is bad at all. Quite the contrary. The Internet has made everything we do better, faster, and saved us all countless gobs of money.wild wild westMy point is effective channels like Direct Mail have never been more powerful. It was not long ago that potential customers used to pass on Direct Mail because their area was too saturated. Can you believe that?  Then came along the Internet. I wonder where they are now? With Direct mail, you compete with a few local competitors. With the Internet, your competing with hundreds if not thousands of competitors. (Talk about saturation!)

If you believe that selling is still about forming relationships and “one to one” messages that are relevant to each consumer, is the best way to build solid customers, then invest in Direct Mail. The Internet is a great tool to enhance your approach no question.

The Internet just like Direct Mail and all the rest of the tools we use to generate leads, prospects, and opportunities, has a money factor. Value counts. If you buy 30 seconds for your commercial, the price will be “slightly” different if it runs at 2:00AM or during the Super Bowl.

The value of a direct mail piece actually rises as total volume goes down!

Let me end with a serious question. Would you invest .75 cents to get your “one to one” RELEVANT message hand delivered to each and every decision maker most likely to purchase your product, because they have already bought from you (or the same product you sell, but bought from your competitor) in the past? If yes, enjoy your next digital/direct mail marketing campaign! Great Selling!

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