The Mission should you decide to take it: knock

1) The Used Car Manager will gas up a demo and visit each house that has a vehicle and gather information like Year, Make, and Model. (If its in the garage, peek through a window)

2) Get “clean book market value” for that vehicle.

3) Knock on the door and tell the vehicle owner that your dealership would be willing to buy their vehicle for that “book market value” plus throw on an additional 10% if they do it right now! (Of course adjust for normal wear and tear, excessive mileage, etc.)

4) If the owner of the vehicle is not there, just have your manager wait for them. (however long it takes)

5) If they want to do the deal but would need to replace the vehicle, bring them back to the dealership to pick out a new or newer car. (keep payments around the same amount)

6) If they want to do the deal but need some extra help financing it, bring out the F&I manager to help.

7) Now have the Used Car Manager repeat these steps at the next 10,000 closest households around the dealership. (It will take about 371 days or just over a year, if you did about 27 a day, so pack a lunch!)

If your Used Car Manager really did this, how many cars would you sell? Zero or just a few? I think most rational and fair minded owners/managers would say several! (Not to mention, some killer trades)

Or Just Call me and we will basically do the same thing in about an hour via our updated and targeted Digital/Direct Mail Marketing campaign for around .69 cents each!

Time management, its a beautiful thing…

Todd Vowell
Digital Car Leads
Buy Mail Direct, Inc.



  1. a r says:

    Hello Todd, If your conducting sales and need a great desk man, closer, please call me, I am searching for a great company to work for right now, I am a great used car director/manager, I have done GSM jobs as well, my passion is used cars. RegardsAli Rabani850-261-3582

  2. xcelmedia says:

    Hello Todd, Please tell me how to Get clean book market value for my vehicle.and I need your contract for updating Digital/Direct Mail Marketing.

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