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March Special for Automotive Dealerships!  march mania sample
Digital/Direct Mail Marketing Campaign With HOTTEST PULL premium in the country, the Selfie Stick!


  • Four Color Process
  • 100 Selfie Sticks (50 with 5k piece)
  •  BIG 110 Pound Cover Stock Paper
  • Updated Targeted Saturation List
  • Walk Sequence STD Postage
  • Creative and Customizationselfie stick extend
  • Artwork and Sweet Images from I-Stock
  • Simple Sort & Bundle
  • Trucking to Your Local Post Office Entry Unit



  • 10,000 Pieces: $6,999
  • 5,000 Pieces: $3,999

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auto-black-pieceThat’s right, four in ten vehicles sold the past 11 months have been to consumers with credit scores of 640 and below.(Source WSJ, Equifax) That is the highest level since 2007. This reflects the relative health of the US economy and lenders willing to jump in and take more risk.

Also, many new “non bank lenders” are coming out with personal loans and other types of financing geared toward sub prime borrowers. So as the competition heats up for all this “Sub Prime Business,” are you taking advantage of the opportunity?

The Internet can only go so far when it comes to true targeted Sub Prime direct marketing. When a car dealer wants to be relevant to a specific market like credit scores of say 500 to 640, direct mail marketing is still the only way to deliver a “one to one” message that is unique and relevant to each and every customer.

Delivering the right message that is relevant to each customer is just the beginning. Once the customer receives the good news about the auto loan, the work has just begun. We must now convince them to reach out and do something about it. Giving the customer different ways to respond is critical. Some like to call, some like to “log on,” and yet others still like to just come down to the dealership. Make sure you have all bases covered.

To accomplish all this, you must have a strong well built:

  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response System) allows 24/7 action
  • Direct mail piece complete with plastic card and complex variable data capabilities
  • CRM (Track the leads, make sure your people follow up)
  • Targeted updated “real time” data scraped straight from the credit bureau
  • Personal URL (Many customers want to log on and find out more info) 24/7 as well
With over 28 years experience, call the direct/digital marketing experts today and start taking advantage of all this Sub Prime business! Call Todd Vowell, owner at Buy Mail Direct/Digital Car Leads now at 916-580-5190.

march madness loyaltyCall Todd Vowell Today 916-580-5190 and Slam Dunk the Competition!

5,000 Piece: $3,999 and 10,000 Piece: $6,999

Time for another round of “Car Repair Trivia!” Good luck.

Mr and Mrs Working Class received an estimate for a new transmission. The estimate was $2,800 but like 46% of Americans, they don’t have even $1,000 put away for emergencies. (Like car repairs)  Plus, they don’t have a credit card because the old credit is shot at the moment.

new transmission couponSo, they are are on the Internet (and phone) trying to find a better price when all of a sudden they see a note on “Your Auto Repair” website that says, “Click here to get pre-qualified for our No Credit Check, Same as Cash Auto Repair Funds now!” So they click on it, are congratulated for being pre-aproved but need to bring down a current monthly checking account statement and valid state id.

They discovered they can put a little down now (and get the work done immediately) and pay the rest over an entire year. (All without applying for any credit at all)  Plus, “Your Auto Repair” gets paid 100% Guaranteed within five days.

So the Trivia question is do they:

1) Keep on looking
2) Not fix the car and walk everywhere
3) Take their info down to “Your Auto Repair” and get a new transmission

If you picked three, you are a winner, correct! If you want “Your Auto Repair” shop to offer the same funding (for about $15 a month),  call us today, you will be glad you did! (So will your customers)