Time for another round of “Car Repair Trivia!” Good luck.

Mr and Mrs Working Class received an estimate for a new transmission. The estimate was $2,800 but like 46% of Americans, they don’t have even $1,000 put away for emergencies. (Like car repairs)  Plus, they don’t have a credit card because the old credit is shot at the moment.

new transmission couponSo, they are are on the Internet (and phone) trying to find a better price when all of a sudden they see a note on “Your Auto Repair” website that says, “Click here to get pre-qualified for our No Credit Check, Same as Cash Auto Repair Funds now!” So they click on it, are congratulated for being pre-aproved but need to bring down a current monthly checking account statement and valid state id.

They discovered they can put a little down now (and get the work done immediately) and pay the rest over an entire year. (All without applying for any credit at all)  Plus, “Your Auto Repair” gets paid 100% Guaranteed within five days.

So the Trivia question is do they:

1) Keep on looking
2) Not fix the car and walk everywhere
3) Take their info down to “Your Auto Repair” and get a new transmission

If you picked three, you are a winner, correct! If you want “Your Auto Repair” shop to offer the same funding (for about $15 a month),  call us today, you will be glad you did! (So will your customers)




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