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Google Report and What 2 Million Recent Car Buyers Said Regarding What Influenced Them Most! 

google report

VDP (Vehicle Detail Pages) – KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) Etc. Etc. There are so many new automotive “Internet stats with views, clicks, bounce, click-through, leads, 3rd party leads, etc etc” We lost count.

The spin stops here!

2 million car buyers were followed, surveyed, and asked, “what influenced you most in your purchase?

They have been, and still are:

• Dealership Visit
• Test Drive
• Salesperson

Yes, of course customers spend hours online researching and some indicators are important, no question. But when dealers use the most trusted form of communication (direct mail) to initiate contact, then include a Multichannel, Digital/Direct Marketing Complex Variable Approach, it brings buyers to the lot, period…

It is then up to the dealership and ALL TEAM MEMBERS to have a well thought out plan and strategy that has been practiced, drilled, and rehearsed in order to make sure the customer has a positive experience, an exhilarating test drive, and enjoyable stress free buying experience. Real automotive industry companies will educate, guide, and support dealerships from A to Z, so come “Big Event Day,” all they need to focus on is “Moving Metal!”

It’s that simple…



JackieBCooerVidPicThe Internet has brought more “gurus and experts” to the car business than I care to count. Everyone wants to tell dealers how to sell cars, how to treat customers, and on and on. The problem is 98% of these folks have never been on the black top. They inject too many “personal feelings” into everything they say and do.

My favorite is, “today’s car buyers are much more intelligent.” Really? When is the last time you took 30 minutes to listen to your dealerships incoming sales calls? Now don’t take that wrong or out of context. My point is just that the average “Joe Buyer” out there has not changed. They are busy living their lives and only buy about 10 new cars their whole life. People have been researching vehicles before they buy for over 100 years now. They just get most of their info from the Internet now.

The top three influences that existed before the Internet are still the top 3 today and they are, the dealership experience, the salesperson, and the test drive. (From Google report/survey that followed 2 million recent car purchases)

Enjoy 3 lessons Jackie B Cooper taught me years ago that still ring true today:

1) Cost!  Remove words like cost, charge, price, spend, and replace with the word, “Invest.” Still today, you see ads that say, “spend spend morethis much and get a discount,” or “That car will COST you about $450 a month.”

May we suggest:

“Folks, the monthly investment on that vehicle is going to range from $395 to $495 depending on amount down, length of loan and other terms.” OR: “Invest $300 in our Service department and receive a $25 discount.” Much better!

2) “Up to?”  Those might be the most powerful two words in the industry. If a salesperson ask a customer how much of a monthly investment their budget will allow for a new car, and they say $300, and the salesperson responds with, “up to?” $350, sometimes $400 will just spew out most of the time! $50 bump at 72 months is only another $3,600 but hey gross profit is gross profit!

3) Mental ownership.Where will you take your first trip in your new car?” Mental ownership is not a “tactic” or tricking the customer. It is simply getting that customer to take “mental ownership” of the vehicle. Nothing wrong with that!

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