Mazda Takes Their Top Off! (I Mean Gloves)

Posted: April 17, 2015 in Uncategorized

Mazda MX5

Had to do a little digging but discovered some very nice (aggressive) Mazda offers out there. I think its safe to say most people who purchase a vehicle today don’t even know about these incentives from Mazda.

If your a Mazda dealer, that might be OK for car buyers way outside your market, but don’t let car buyers in your market go buy from your competitor without making sure they at least know about these outstanding incentives!

As I’m sure you know:

  • Mazda is offering Current KIA Owners Special Trade-in Bonus Cash of $1,000 on the Purchase or Lease of a New 2014, 2015, or 2016 Mazda!
  • Mazda is also Offering Current V/W GOLF Owners Special Trade-in Bonus Cash of $500 on the Purchase or Lease of a New 2014 or 15 Mazda3 5-Door!
  • Mazda is also offering Current Mazda Owners Special Owners Loyalty Trade-in Bonus Cash of $500 Toward the Purchase or Lease of a New 2014, 2015 or 2016 Mazda!
  • Current Mazda Owners Can Also Get an Exclusive $750 Mazda Capital Services Loyalty Offer toward the Lease of a New 2015 or 2016 Mazda!
  • Like most manufactures, Mazda also has a College Nice Graduate Program as well.
  • Mazda Is Also Offering $500 Military Bonus Cash Toward the Purchase or Lease of Any New Mazda!
  • Finally, Handicapped and Disabled Drivers Can Be Reimbursed Up To $1,000 Toward the Purchase and Installation of Adaptive Driving Aids or Mobility Assistance Equipment on All New And Unused 2014, 2015, and 2016 Mazda Vehicles.

These are all fantastic. With all the options today that dealers have like Radio, TV, Newspaper, Social Media, 3rd Party Leads, PPC, SEO, and others, there is still only one route you can take to make sure every Demographic mentioned above is contacted BY YOU (no matter if you have done business with you or not) and that is Direct Mail updated with today’s Digital and Complex Variable Data.

How many Mazda, KIA, V/W GOLF owners are in your market and maybe a wee bit outside it? How about military, recent College Grads, and/or Handicapped or Disabled Drivers are there in your market as well?

If you contact our company Buy Mail Direct, we can get you those numbers no problem. Maybe your asking why no one else is sharing this info with you? Its because the numbers will be low and most companies that sell direct mail, make their money on volume so these small mailers are of no interest, no matter how profitable they can be for you the dealer. That right there is a good example of what separates Buy Mail Direct from our competition. Good Selling!



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