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BMD’s Gang Run “4th Quarter Blitz!”
October – November – December

For less than a couple quarters, you get a “one to one” invitation to visit your store hand delivered to each car buyer in a small radius of your dealership.

fourth quarter blitz pic

$9,999 Gets You 22,500 Pieces TOTAL:
• 7,500 Pieces for October
• 7,500 Pieces for November
• 7,500 Pieces for December

Heck, Even One Sold Per Month Pays For It. (Hey, how do you not do it?)

• Customized Mailbox Dominating Piece
• Four Color
• Targeted Saturation List
• Postage
• Full Support

(Our commissioned sales competition just loves our pricing)

Buy Backs, Trade-Up, Model Close-out, Sub Prime, Hand Written Letter, Trade-in Assistance, Pre-Approval, Truck Month, Email Letter, are all still hot!

No Commissions, No Overrides, No Kidding…

October, November

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This Weeks Words:

“Automotive Direct Mail Is Dead!”


I jumped the traditional advertising/marketing ship for “Social Media and Internet Marketing” in hopes the car dealers money will follow me!


Just telling dealers that direct mail is dead does nothing to convince dealers why or where to move their spend. The Internet is still plagued with a wild wild west hackers, spam, virus, and phishing environment.


In truth, direct mail marketing has actually increased because of new digital technology (and improved multi channel strategies) Direct mail is still rated #1 in trust so the successful formula is to intro using direct mail, but then drive the customer to the Internet for more info gathering, qualifying, and call to action!