BMD’s 4th Quarter Blitz Special!

Posted: August 31, 2015 in Uncategorized


BMD’s Gang Run “4th Quarter Blitz!”
October – November – December

For less than a couple quarters, you get a “one to one” invitation to visit your store hand delivered to each car buyer in a small radius of your dealership.

fourth quarter blitz pic

$9,999 Gets You 22,500 Pieces TOTAL:
• 7,500 Pieces for October
• 7,500 Pieces for November
• 7,500 Pieces for December

Heck, Even One Sold Per Month Pays For It. (Hey, how do you not do it?)

• Customized Mailbox Dominating Piece
• Four Color
• Targeted Saturation List
• Postage
• Full Support

(Our commissioned sales competition just loves our pricing)

Buy Backs, Trade-Up, Model Close-out, Sub Prime, Hand Written Letter, Trade-in Assistance, Pre-Approval, Truck Month, Email Letter, are all still hot!

No Commissions, No Overrides, No Kidding…

October, November

Call Todd Today! 916-580-5190

Serving Car Dealers For over 28 Years…



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