Your Dealership Will Buy My Car For How Much?

Posted: October 13, 2015 in Uncategorized
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This is about being proactive and reaching out to local vehicle owners with an aggressive offer to buy their car based on real market vablackbookjpeglue numbers. (Not waiting for the “Internet car buyer”) No matter if it is Black Book or KBB, the road to success goes right through each customer’s garage.

Yes, we hear every day the incredible math stats or KPI’s such as “the more VDP’s (Vehicle Detail Page) dealer’s register, the more cars they will sell…” Really? Duhhhh…. How about this Key Performance Indicator? “The more local vehicles you make an offer to buy, the more cars you will sell!” How about that one?

Its no secret that dealers who don’t wait for car buyers, rather create their own car buyers are the ones that put upkelly-blue-book big numbers and will be around tomorrow.  If it’s true, car buyers only visit 1.4 dealerships before buying these days, it might be better to put them in the market, not wait!

The Internet is great for educating customers and grabbing car buyers when they are ready to enter the “car buying market.” However, the best ways for aggressive dealerships who don’t believe in waiting for the market to come to them is to push the button on a vigorous digital/direct mail multi-channel, complex variable data, book value, append, and purL infested approach!

Bonus:   To really hammer home the message that your dealership shocks customers every day with high dollar offers to buy their current vehicle, show them don’t just tell them. Have fun. Companies like Buy Mail Direct are the best in the business when it comes to helping dealers separate from the pack and put local vehicle owners in the market for a new car. When is the last time your current digital or direct mail marketing company used an actual photo that really grabs local prospects? (Like the one above)

Again, don’t just tell customers how surprised they will be when they see how much you will buy their car for, when they do business with your dealership, SHOW THEM! Show them real numbers and show them “shocked” in true form!

Go tell 10,000 lucky local car owners around your dealership the good news about how much you will buy their car for today, CASH!

My time is up, you have been great.

Good selling!

Todd Vowell

  1. xcelmedia says:

    Hello Todd, “The more local vehicles you make an offer to buy, the more cars you will sell! is very great offer.

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