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Target Data List

Automotive digital and direct mail marketing just changed forever. Please read this very carefully, it will change how you approach digital/direct mail marketing from here on out.

The day has come when we can now take a customer’s unique postal address and translate it to their unique IP Address. (Static or dynamic and with no cookies) Never again do we need to rely on one direct mail piece (One and done) to deliver the message. Dealers MUST HAVE more than one entry point for their funnel in order to win business today.

Ask a dealer or any company, how many times they would like their radio ad ran, commercial ran, or any ad? They would say, “As many times as possible or as many times as we can afford!”

Digital is hot. But bidding on key words can get expensive. PPC is not cheap either. Add in bots, scrapers, and hacks, you need to have the ability to target customers on the Internet with 99% accuracy. That ladies and gentlemen, is the game changer.

We still send the customer a direct mail piece telling the customer you want to buy their vehicle, or invite them to your “Model Year end Closeout,” or any other event. Next, we begin placing the same message digitally on each customer’s computer with display ads. (Including mobile phone, iPAD, Tablet, etc.)

The customers receiving your invitation, eat dinner, play with the kids, and then jump online. Low and behold, THERE YOU ARE! (Same “theme” as the mail piece) Not just once, but 20 to 50 times over the next week, two weeks, or even three.

Once the campaign is over, you will receive a report that shows daily impressions, clicks, the websites that your messages were displayed on, plus more.

What campaign will be more successful? The dealer that sends one direct mail piece or the dealer that sends one direct mail piece out then backs it up on-line hitting the same customer 20-50 more times on? Yes, a rhetorical question…

Considering the investment is pennies per Impression to your customers, my advice would be to NEVER DO ANOTHER direct mail campaign without including the added advantage of hitting each direct mail recipient 20-50 more times online!

As an automotive direct marketing expert, I find it difficult to sleep at night. These truly are the best of times for this business. Want more information? Call me, I am awake.

Todd Vowell