There is a lot going on between Internet advertisers, digital marketers, and consumers. Ad blockers, hackers, scrapers, bots, and outright fraud has forced advertising to move to content. So we no longer read articles regarding news and stories on the Internet. We read articles with advertising wrapped up in a pretty bow. That’s bad…

If that’s not enough, when we do find something of interest on the Internet and want to read the article associated with it, we click and instantly get frustrated. Its literally getting to the point where you have to be skilled, patient, and a bit of gambler to actually “bob and weave” to get to that damn article.

Then once you get to the article, you then need to keep eyes focused or get distracted by:

  • Man with bionic penis to finally lose his virginity at 43
  • The 14 Most Stunning Victoria’s Secret Swimsuit Photos Ever
  • Motley Crue Drummer Tommy Lee Gets Stuck on Roller coaster
  • I Thought They Were Friends! 19 Stars Who Hate Their Co-Stars
  • Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s Vacation Cost Them $18,000 Per Night
  • The new Wedge club that has people talking
  • 67 terrible human condition pictures only for the strong hearted

What does all this mean? The same thing it always has. The Internets biggest enemy is the Internet. Millions of consumers just want to read the news, entertainment, lifestyle, business, sports, or weather. They don’t want games, pop ups, ad content, etc. They just want the meat.

The Internet has changed the world and we all love the instant info, apps, and technology. But when it comes to advertising and marketing to consumers, the Jury is still out.

So, just like TV, Radio and Direct Mail, I wouldn’t count Newspaper out just yet. If the Internet keeps going like it is, we are in for a “Newspaper Come Back!”

Oh and before you shake your head, please note, I have no skin in the game with newspaper adverting whatsoever. In fact, newspaper is best used for starting a fire in the fireplace and training the puppy. But I actually went and purchased a newspaper yesterday. No BS, no games, just read the paper. It was nice.

Happy trails, my time is up, you have been great!

Todd Vowell
Digital Car Leads
Buy Mail Direct, Inc


PS – If you still have not watched famed ad legend Bob Hoffman’s Speech on “The Golden Age of Bullshit,” you are in for a treat! Click Here





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