Drivers Seat


The growth of the Internet has brought with it a bunch of new companies. (Some with no car biz experience) With it, includes all kinds of new terms and measurements.

But, all the Video Display Pages (VDP’s), Impressions, Reviews, Reputation Management, Key Words, Click Through Rates, Algorithms, Analytics, Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), online reviews, Behavioral Targeting, Mobile, SEO, PPC, branding in the world don’t mean one hoot, if you can’t get the car buyers butt in the drivers seat for a test drive!

Thousands of car buyers in that 5 mile radius of your dealership have not set foot in a dealership in at least a few years. They have no idea what today’s cars and trucks really look and feel like. They have no idea how far technology has really come.

Car dealers, managers, and salespeople live in the automotive world so they don’t see the “puppy grow.” Car buyers however who have been absent (for even a year or two) will be amazed when they see up close and be able to interact with today’s new vehicle technology, much of it standard.

While everything changes, it stays the same. To this day, the number one influence car buyers (based on a study sponsored by Google) is still THE TEST DRIVE!

google report

What generates Test Drives? Incentives. The most common statement made in F&I during a digital/direct mail marketing event? “We didn’t really plan to buy anything today, we just came down for the free gift.”

Commit to a strong Digital strategy. But don’t forget the time tested, proven effective old school traditional direct mail marketing either. The most powerful event today is a little of both. Yes, a Multi-channel Digital/Direct Mail Marketing approach will deliver the results you expect and deserve! My time is up, good selling!

Todd Vowell



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