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News flash, Smartphones have changed everything. Social Media, Advertising, Marketing, Display, Email, E-commerce, and Search have all moved from the PC to the smartphone. Customers and prospects are even responding to offline advertising like TV, direct mail, print, and radio by grabbing their smart phone. (Many consumers don’t even have a “home phone” anymore.)

In fact, a phone call should be considered a click. Customers that call (or click) expect immediate access to information and/or assistance. No matter what, the goal is to drive conversations, build relationships, and do business.


Search: 62% of all search traffic comes from mobile devices. (emarketer)
Email: 65% of all email in America gets opened on a mobile device. (BIA/Kelsey)
Social Media: 55% of social media is consumed on mobile devices, 70% for Twitter alone. (comScore)
Display ads: Adults spend 34 hours a month browsing the Internet on mobile devices vs. 27 hours on PCs. (Nielsen)
Ecommerce: 87% of smartphones and tablet owners use their mobile devices while watching TV.
Print, Radio, Direct Mail, Billboards: 91% have their mobile devices within arm’s reach 24/7! (Nielsen)

Why Phone Leads Matter?

For 50 years, callers are buyers. That has not changed. We spend $68 Billion a year to drive phone leads because they mean revenue period.

Phone numbers in mobile search are critical and extremely valuable. According to Google, over 70% of people call directly from search results and those conversations last longer than 30 seconds.

Tracking is at the foundation of it all. Call tracking phone numbers need to be inserted in all online and offline material. You can do local, toll-free or vanity, but you must have them.

Having a dedicated phone number for your dealership sales, service, parts, body, f&I, used car manager, new cars, etc. is just the beginning. You should have a phone number for Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, and/or any other channels you use. Otherwise, how do you know where revenue is being generated and not generated?

Further, an IVR should be considered. An IVR helps your dealership personalize a callers experience and they can interact with an automated menu using their keypad or voice recognition. An IVR is also great for qualifying phone leads automatically.

With so many channels today (Social Media, TV, Direct Mail, Newspaper, Email, Billboards, Search key words, Display, Radio, Facebook, Twitter,) pushing marketing campaigns, specials, discounts, and coupons, dealers need to know what is generating phone calls and revenue and which are not.

Let’s keep in mind also that each dealership actually has five different businesses within (New and Used Car Sales, F&I, Service, Parts, and Body shop)

Add it all up and it really comes down to tracking and accountability. Dealerships need to start with having a phone number for each channel. After 30, 60, 90 days, dealers will really start to see what is working and what is not. Dealerships can accomplish this with minimal investment. (A couple hundred bucks a month.)

For dealerships that have done a good job collecting cell phone numbers, we are talking BIG ADVANTAGE. You can push specials, discounts, coupons, even set up an automated phone call to your customers leaving a voice mail about these specials or just happy birthday, Merry Christmas, get your car fixed, new tires, etc.! The relationship building tools are endless with the good old phone!

Great selling and happy tracking!


While direct mail automotive campaigns can see positive results, it’s really going to show the most ROI when it’s implemented as a multichannel campaign

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While direct mail automotive campaigns can see positive results, it’s really going to show the most ROI when it’s implemented as a multichannel campaign!

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device use prior to dealer visit

Automotive Mobile Conquesting Overview:

  • We place over 15,000 premium mobile apps and mobile web browsing across your desired Geo-fencing area
  • We offer dynamically updated ads that show the user the distance they are from your location or if you have multiple locations – the distance to the closest
  • We can do geo-conquesting down to .1 mile (500 feet) around your competitors’ locations
  • We offer “expandable” mobile banner ad formats
  • In addition to Geo-fencing we add layers of targeting categories matched to your customer profile


how expandable ads work2


exandable ads call to actions

geo conquest around comptition

Success Story:

mobile conquesting success story2

For more information give Todd a call at 916-580-5190!





Four Seasons Hawaii

That is the highest and latest average retail-transaction price of new cars and light trucks. (NADA)

It’s a lot of money. It made me think of how much money I spent when we checked into the Four Seasons, Maui. It ended up being around $5,000. But when we got to our room, the bath had sponges spelled out in my kid’s names. WOW! (They causally asked their names when making the reservation, now we knew why.)

We also spent about $5,000 at the Ritz Carlton in San Francisco. When we went to bed the first night, we found they had sewn our (my wife and me) names into the pillow cases with Good night included. (sorry, no pic)

So now the big question. The average new car buyer today is going to spend over $30,000 at your dealership.

What type of “welcome” do you have planned for anyone showing up to their “car buying” appointment?


Even when me and my management team fly to visit a vendor wanting our business, the welcome sign in the lobby is a thing of the past. We have seen some very cool ideas like monitors all through the building with out names, logo, and pictures. It really makes you feel welcome, special, and most important, like this company must really want our business to go through all of this planning and work. Not only do you feel a little more obligated to do business with them, you want to! What a concept… Good selling!

Serious businessman with dumbbells and painted muscular arms on chalkboard


First, make sure that the same targeted direct mail message has also been created online as a landing page. So if its fixed operations and we are offering Service Coupons, you want those same coupons to be on your landing page. If it’s variable operations, you want to also make sure that sales message is consistent both on line in a landing page and offline in the direct mail piece. Here you go:

1) Household tIP – (Target Household IP’s) Make sure that only the people receiving your direct mail piece will be able to see the targeted ad/message on line with their home computers, mobile phones, Tablets, and gaming devices. No waste! You do this by taking each customer postal address with last name and match it up to get their IP Address. This is not easily done so best to find a company that specializes in this niche. (You won’t find features like this in any CRM’s) tIP house

2) Facebook/Instagram – Take the customers phone number or email address to submit. That data is appended to Facebook and Instagram users for a match. The ad/message is then served  right in each customer’s Facebook and/or Instagram. (Facebook owns Instagram)   fb insta pic

3) Email Broadcast – Email is of course cost-effective and can be powerful, but should be combined with another channel. (Like direct mail) Consumers are much more comfortable clicking on and opening up an email from a local company. (Especially one they have done or do business with) If you are mailing your customer list but have not collected many emails, you’re not alone. Make sure you get a reputable company to append email addresses to your customer file.

All three of these channels will be linked to your Landing page.

Are you starting to see the difference between adding all these powerful Digital channel enhancements compared to just sending out one direct mail piece?

Hope these help you get more bang for your buck!

If you’re going to invest in direct mail marketing, make sure you add these powerful tools and boost response 40-60% shattering old ROI numbers!

It’s a profit game and these are game changers!

But before you do, consider the next best thing, Geo-Targeted Mobile Conquesting/Fencing!

Security Guard

There is a reason the mobile ad/marketing spend was 30.45 Billion last year and will reach 42.01 Billion this year. (eMarketer Jan 11, 2016)

There is so much you can do but lets focus on the proven effective and most powerful channels. Mobile Conquesting is another GAME CHANGER in the HOT HOT digital marketing world.

How? We can do Geo-Fencing down to 500 feet around your competitions location. We can even include exactly how far away they are from your dealership location along with directions.

Mobile conquest will let that traffic on your competitors lot right now know you are nearby and you will pay more for their trade, offer better deals, better selection, etc etc!

geo conquest around comptition

Geo-Fencing and Targeting are both powerful but lets not confuse the two.
Here is the difference!

geo fence and geo target

These are exciting times in the Digital/Direct Marketing World. Find what works for you and hammer it! People spend on average 3 hours a day on their smart phone so be there!

Good selling,

Todd Vowell


no mooch

“We ran a 10,000 piece mailer at our car dealership over the weekend, had 150 ups but only sold a few cars because everyone just wanted their free Walmart gift card.” Sound familiar?

Let’s forget the fact that any dealership that’s gets 150 ups from a direct mail event, can sell 10 -15% (22 cars) if they are serious about preparation, training, commitment, and execution. (Sending that one salesperson called “Johnny rain cloud” home for the day can’t hurt either) But let’s get back to that mooch or maybe more politically correct, “Gift grabber.”

In today’s world of CRM’s, Social Media, and Digital Marketing, the prospect that receives a direct mail piece, and drives a vehicle to the dealership to get their free gift, is not a mooch. They are just a future customer and needs to be nurtured.

This is where the “commitment” mentioned earlier really comes into play. The dealership must have a plan to grab every single:
• Name
• Address

Why? You are of course sowing to reap later. Let’s take the value of cell phone numbers alone. 99% of text messages are opened and read. 90% are read in less than three minutes. So if it’s 70 cents to invite a prospect in and $10 for a Walmart gift card to get each cell phone number, it’s worth it!

Let’s also hone in on name and address. Just by having this information in today’s world, you can now serve your ad/marketing message directly into each prospect’s Facebook/Instagram feed, and deliver banner ads whenever they log on to their home computer, tablet, mobile phone, or gaming device.

That’s right, with Facebook News Feed Targeting, Household IP Targeting, and Mobile Conquest/SMS Marketing; you can be assured any car owner prospect can be converted to a car buying customer.

We are experiencing the most exciting times ever in the Automotive Digital and Direct Mail Multi-channel Marketing world. Make sure you partner with someone that eats, sleeps, and obsesses over this stuff. The car business is back but as we all know too well, it can burst. Get your fair share and a wee bit more!

Good selling,

Todd Vowell