no mooch

“We ran a 10,000 piece mailer at our car dealership over the weekend, had 150 ups but only sold a few cars because everyone just wanted their free Walmart gift card.” Sound familiar?

Let’s forget the fact that any dealership that’s gets 150 ups from a direct mail event, can sell 10 -15% (22 cars) if they are serious about preparation, training, commitment, and execution. (Sending that one salesperson called “Johnny rain cloud” home for the day can’t hurt either) But let’s get back to that mooch or maybe more politically correct, “Gift grabber.”

In today’s world of CRM’s, Social Media, and Digital Marketing, the prospect that receives a direct mail piece, and drives a vehicle to the dealership to get their free gift, is not a mooch. They are just a future customer and needs to be nurtured.

This is where the “commitment” mentioned earlier really comes into play. The dealership must have a plan to grab every single:
• Name
• Address

Why? You are of course sowing to reap later. Let’s take the value of cell phone numbers alone. 99% of text messages are opened and read. 90% are read in less than three minutes. So if it’s 70 cents to invite a prospect in and $10 for a Walmart gift card to get each cell phone number, it’s worth it!

Let’s also hone in on name and address. Just by having this information in today’s world, you can now serve your ad/marketing message directly into each prospect’s Facebook/Instagram feed, and deliver banner ads whenever they log on to their home computer, tablet, mobile phone, or gaming device.

That’s right, with Facebook News Feed Targeting, Household IP Targeting, and Mobile Conquest/SMS Marketing; you can be assured any car owner prospect can be converted to a car buying customer.

We are experiencing the most exciting times ever in the Automotive Digital and Direct Mail Multi-channel Marketing world. Make sure you partner with someone that eats, sleeps, and obsesses over this stuff. The car business is back but as we all know too well, it can burst. Get your fair share and a wee bit more!

Good selling,

Todd Vowell



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