Four Seasons Hawaii

That is the highest and latest average retail-transaction price of new cars and light trucks. (NADA)

It’s a lot of money. It made me think of how much money I spent when we checked into the Four Seasons, Maui. It ended up being around $5,000. But when we got to our room, the bath had sponges spelled out in my kid’s names. WOW! (They causally asked their names when making the reservation, now we knew why.)

We also spent about $5,000 at the Ritz Carlton in San Francisco. When we went to bed the first night, we found they had sewn our (my wife and me) names into the pillow cases with Good night included. (sorry, no pic)

So now the big question. The average new car buyer today is going to spend over $30,000 at your dealership.

What type of “welcome” do you have planned for anyone showing up to their “car buying” appointment?


Even when me and my management team fly to visit a vendor wanting our business, the welcome sign in the lobby is a thing of the past. We have seen some very cool ideas like monitors all through the building with out names, logo, and pictures. It really makes you feel welcome, special, and most important, like this company must really want our business to go through all of this planning and work. Not only do you feel a little more obligated to do business with them, you want to! What a concept… Good selling!


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