I have a secret for you. I say secret because I can’t find a dealer utilizing YouTube’s new “Interactive Cards.” Are you? If not, get a big time edge on the competition. Plus, start doubling “YouTube leads!”

You already know all the stats that are “off the chart” when it comes to car buyers consumption of watching videos. The newest stat though is over half are watched from a smartphone. YouTube sees it too. So they have a new Interactive addition you can put on all your videos.

Meaning, you can now add an Interactive card pointing viewers to your website or five other “Call To Action” choices. For example, as customers watch your video on that “hard to find pre-owned vehicle” you just got in, you can put a “Get Pre-approved Now” in the upper right corner of your video. (Or “visit our website for all inventory” or whatever you want) Customers click on it and can go right to your website link to get per-approved.

Is that not powerful? This is exciting stuff from YouTube!

Here are the directions, its easy:

How to set up YouTube interactive cards: (Or watch their video, click here)

1. Go to your YouTube video manager, click “edit” button. (Or click down arrow )
2. Click on “cards” in the top navigation bar, then click on “Add Card.”
3. Scrub to the point in the video where you want to add a card. This is where the teaser/title text will cue in the upper right corner of the video for about five seconds, then revert to an “I” icon in the same spot.
4. Click a blue button on the right called “Add Card” and it opens a window.
5. Select the card type you want to add.
6. Customize the card by adding an image, optimize the title, customize the call-to-action text, or adding a URL.
7. Repeat in other parts of the video as needed. You should space them out.
Click “Create Card!”

Great selling and happy interacting!

Todd Vowell


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