Welcome to ABC Motors, You Folks Here to Buy a Car Today or Just Get a Free Gift Card?

Posted: March 16, 2016 in Uncategorized
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ron berg

As an automotive Owner/GM, if you expect success with your next automotive digital/direct mail event, but your only willing to pay for it, then save the money, don’t do it. That is not meant to be the old “take away.” It is sound advice supported by 29 years, 500,000 miles flown, 35,000 events, 245 million pieces of mail (average 7,000 each event) 3,675,000 ups, and 330,750 deliveries.

Years ago, most companies that sold automotive direct mail events, were from the car business and certainly were NOT “ad agencies.” Today, many dealers make a fundamental mistake and choose a direct mail event based on price or looks, not value, ROI or experience. (Not all, but plenty)  Then get mad when it bombs. In fact, many younger, newer dealership managers think direct mail is just something to “get some extra traffic.” BIG MISTAKE… Huge Mistake! With the added value of new technology and many digital channels today, direct mail is unstoppable.

Today more than ever, a dealership must invest just as much time and effort in prep as they do anything else. Still to this day, the car salesperson will make or break any direct mail event, period. They are the backbone and must be trained and ready to handle a packed lot. There is an art to quickly but diplomatically sifting through to the buyers.

“Most moochers are buyers if the automotive salesperson has the right attitude and is trained correctly.”

After 35,000 events, guess what one question from car salespeople I hear more than any other (during a direct mail event) that kills more deals than halitosis? Ready? It’s, “Hello folks, you here to buy a car today or just want a free gift card?” (The correct way to handle this is greet normally and if they ask about the gift, give it to them, it disarms then, then go back to your normal process.

Direct mail has not gone away because it is too powerful. Car dealers need to embrace this and take advantage of it. But they also need to hire a company that knows the car business and is willing to prepare, train, and make sure the entire dealership is committed, and ready from top to bottom.

I will end with this. Every weekend, two dealerships that sell the same make and model, are in the same state, the event was the same weekend, same direct mail event message, same size stores, both do the same amount of pieces, get the same response rate, but one sells 4 cars, and the other 34. Why? The market? No. The weather? No. Management, salespeople and the right attitude with a commitment to prepare, practice, drill, rehearse and train? Bingo!

Great selling, go out and make it a great day,

Todd Vowell


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