bspoke p manning

You Don’t Have to be Peyton to get a Custom B.Spoke Suit!

Exclusive offer through BMD and B.Spoke. We give them accolades and some love (well deserved by the way) , and in return, we worked out a deal where you (or your salesperson, manager, whomever) get a top of the line:

  • Custom Suit
  • Beautiful Silk Tie
  • Classy Custom Dress Shirt

(When you run any event with Digital Car Leads or Buy Mail Direct!)

Celebrating record weekends using BMD or DCL is exciting and you want to look your best. We “got you covered!” (Ladies, got you covered too)

What do we mean by custom suits? Glad you asked!

We customize the lining in your jacket with anything you want. ( College Alma mater, Favorite sports team, your kids, spouse, inspiration, wedding or anniversary, the Dealership, Manufacture, make and model, etc!)

We also will stitch any special message under the flap of your jacket. (Your spouses name, kids name, Top Dog!, Bible verse, favorite saying, anything you want)



Popular Digital/Direct Mail Marketing Events:
Buy Back, Current Factory Themes (co-op), Sub Prime, Anniversary, Pre-approved,Tax Season, many more.


  • All creative
  • Targeted List 
  • Four Color
  • Training Videos
  • Postage
  • Data File Preparation  
  • Data Validation

5,000 Piece: $4,599
10,000 Piece: $6,999
20,000 Piece: $11,799

The story behind BMD’s “Custom Suit Signing Bonus,” is explained by CEO Todd Vowell.

Many moons ago and I was green salesman but inspired and very competitive. My boss broke out a sales contest. The person that sold the most, wins a new suit, new tie, and new dress shirt.

I was so excited. I had one suit at the time and like most salespeople wanted to look my best out on the road. What better way to look good than winning the contest and picking out a new suit!

I came in early every day, stayed late. I worked my ass off. There was a sales board and I knew I had to beat out guys much more talented than me, more experienced, and the odds were against me. But I had a chance and that’s all you can ask for.

I lost! 


In fact, I got creamed. I will never forget the guy that won would come in and have his new suit on with the shirt and nice looking tie. He looked sharp. I had to look at that suit every day it seemed. In fact, I swear one day when I walked by, the suit actually laughed at me. It haunted me. I still have nightmares 30 years later!

I played it off, no big deal. But inside I was so pissed. It burned. I hated losing. I wanted those suits. I needed that suit. I told myself, “NEVER AGAIN.”

By the way, that was the last contest I ever lost. I went on to be top dog and stayed on top of the leader board every month. (Just FYI!)

But when people ask me if this sales contest works and if a suit is the best contest give-a-way? The answer is YES. It’s been 30 years and it still seems like it happened just yesterday. That’s my story!

Thanks and great selling,

Todd Vowell



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