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There are only about five or six weekends during the year that we shelf all of today’s new digital technology and just focus on mailing real invitations for a real celebration . 4th of July Weekend is one of those weekends!  There is no mistaking this weekend. This is a time to celebrate our freedoms and the day we declared that these United Colonies are free and Independent states from the “British Crown!”

What better way to celebrate than to go down to the local car dealership and buy a new car! Make sure you invite every car owning neighbor around your dealership in for some excitement! Traffic + Excitement = Sales!

For all you doubters that think people will just come in for free hot dogs, and soda pop, I have news for you. You are wrong! Over the past 30 years, I lost count of the times someone came in for the free gift or food and was met with a well trained, enthusiastic salesperson and ended up behind the wheel of a new car. They took it for a test drive, and ended up buying a new car.

When you drive down to the dealership in an old run down, smelly piece of crap, it sucks. But when you get behind the wheel of a new (or newer) car, and you “slide in,” listening to that distinctive sound made when the butt slides across that leather, it does something to you. Add THAT NEW CAR SMELL, and taping all our senses can overwhelm you!

One thing is for sure, you will never get their business if you don’t get them on your black top! Customers love FREE STUFF!

The “TEST DRIVE” remains the number one influence when deciding to buy a car. Its that simple.

Its an old saying but still true, if you don’t some other dealership will. Get your fair share and a wee bit more!