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Overall brand loyalty stands at an average 49.5% so let’s just say car dealerships have a 50/50 chance that their new car buying customer is going to be back to do it again. There is no better time than now for dealers to dig into key stats and tap data driven strategies with both digital and traditional to gain market share BIG TIME!

The longer someone owns a vehicle, the less likely they are to trade it in for a new model of the same make. (Source: Experian)

With the average length of new car ownership being about 78 months, certain makes are held on to longer than others. Dodge and Buick have the longest ownership periods (average 113 months each) with Ford, Chevy, and Mitsubishi rounding out the top five.

Of course the short term vehicles owners have more loyalty and choose to replace their vehicle with the same brand 57% of the time.

What does it all mean for car dealers? From a digital and direct marketing perspective, it’s “Open Season” on Conquest owners and it’s a “wake up call” to take care of your customer base. If you as a dealership are not reaching out and touching your customers once a month or every other month, you can be sure someone else is.

Bottom-line, Registrations for light VIO here in the USA has reached a record level of 257,900,000. Brand loyalty is not what it used to be and never will be again. Conquest marketing is just as important as marketing to your customer base.

Hit them both, hit them often, and hit them hard!

Great Selling,

Todd Vowell


Year End Direct Mail Special!

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Event:   December 26, 27, 28, 29, 30th, 2016


The competition is setting up that last week of the year right now. We call it the “13th Month” because many dealers will do in five days what takes a month to sell normally!

Why is this week so effective? It all starts with using the “Year End Urgency” selling term to push the BIG, “YEAR END!” Thousands of car buyers wait until YEAR END to get the best deal. But that doesn’t mean they will just drive down to your dealership and buy.

Remember, car buyers only visit 1.6 stores physically these days, before they purchase!

You need to literally drive them down to your dealership.

You CAN NOT wait for them to come to you! (on-line or on the lot)

You must TAKE IT to them


  • Custom Jumbo PC Piece
  • 1% Supply $25 Gift Cards
  • Four Color
  • Updated Targeted List
  • Postage STD
  • Artwork – Creative
  • Full Support – Training


  • 5,000 Pieces: $4,499
  • 10,000 Pieces: $7,999
  • 20,000 Pieces: $11,999


Call the owner Todd Vowell 916-580-5190 for 28 years experience and one serious “Year End” Campaign, customized for your store!