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10,000 Piece Mailer Includes

  • Custom Message
  • 100 Android Tablet Certificates
  • Four Color
  • Targeted Saturation List
  • Postage Walk Sequence
  • Artwork – Creative
  • Full Support – Training

Investment: $6,499 Complete!





They say car shoppers now only visit 1.4 dealerships before they buy. Make sure that is your dealership they visit! Free stuff generates traffic but a well prepared sales and management team is what sells cars!

Buy Mail Direct has the most powerful Digital/Direct mail events in the country and this new premium hook makes sure your lot is packed come “EVENT DAY!”


scratch for riches pic

If your customer doesn’t win the $10,000 no worries!

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Call Todd today for new summer 2016 samples and more information!

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8Pager front cover women8Pager inside women

Everything went great. The salesperson was informative. The test drive was exhilarating and fun. They have good credit. They just are not buying today. We have to let them go. We can do the half gallon of ice cream but let me propose an older trick in the book. (I say trick sarcastically because it is just a good idea really that has been lost in the new era of speed, internet and “now or never,” cultures. )

Have an 8-page four color well thought out custom dealership brochure ready to give them to take. This “story” is your best message, personality, flavor, history, and information that will not be thrown away.




If the customer goes home to make a decision on where and what to buy, this brochure needs to be the “scale tipper.” The 100% transparent story teller. The brochure is filled with what matters most and answers many questions because if they didn’t buy, we need to give them “peace of mind.”

When someone clicks on most dealerships website “About” button, its almost sad. No real thought, no passion. Just a canned, “We are 100% committed to your satisfaction bla bla bla! (Yawn…)

What is your story? Who are you?  Who are your employees? What charities are important to you?  What else is important to you? What makes you different?  How about tips on how to save money? The pros and cons to selling your car. Do we lease or buy?  Safety first so what are the stats?  Service coupons. Maybe a incentive to get them back in? Where to take their first trip.

In fact, this brochure that has been put together piece by piece is something you would want your salespeople to take with them when they go out on appointments. It is the “tell all” to connect your entire dealership in an easy to understand, fun, and gravitating presentation. Something cyber could never accomplish.

This is something your customer can feel, read, cut coupons, crossword puzzle maybe, take advantage of offers, all kinds of cool things. I would make sure copies are placed in the Service waiting area, Brochure racks, the bathrooms, local restaurants, etc. I would even mail out at least a couple thousand bi-weekly.

But this brochure takes time to put together. Time you don’t have. Find a Digital/Direct mail marketing company that will slow it down, do the homework, create a masterpiece for you and your dealership.  Don’t tell customers how different the dealership is, show them.

Writing content is not easy. Its hard work. But when you are shaking that customers hand, giving them this brochure that is the heart and soul of your store, you know they are coming back! Good selling!

internet guru2

Internet Gurus with no car biz experience have invaded the auto industry. They sell a narrative that only exist in their mind. It was created by either their own experience buying a car or just got the “creative juices” flowing one night with “a little help from their friends.” Either way, STOP IT. Stop selling all the hog wash and complicating everything to justify your outrageous pricing.

Let me simplify it. All the Video Display Pages (VDP’s), Impressions, Reviews, Reputation Management, Key Words, Click Through Rates, Algorithms, Analytics, Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), online reviews, Behavioral Targeting, SEO, PPC, branding, and so on, in the world, doesn’t mean shit, if you don’t succeed at one thing, getting the buyer on the lot for THE TEST DRIVE.

91 percent say test drive

Hey, there are some car makes/models that it doesn’t seem to matter what you advertise,  the customer won’t consider or buy.Take Buick. (Sorry but its true) When most people think of Buick, they think old, boring, yesterday. They try to shake it but tough to do. (Side-note: My wife and I went and test drove one. Holy crap! The interior, the cabin, the get up and go, the handling, the styling, we were blown away!)

Also, even with all the incredible new technology today, it is impossible to grab the car buyers attention long enough to explain it all. You can do anything, you can try everything, but the goal has to be to get the car buyers butt in the car for a test drive. You have their attention, they can not only learn about all the technology, they can experience it first hand.

So remember, “its the test drive stupid!” That is what changes minds and that is what get the buyers attention. Then it is the salespersons job to sell the vehicle and close the deal.

Taking interest in their trade is a close second. Make any car owner an aggressive offer to buy their car and an incentive to take a test drive, and then finish off with a professionally trained salesperson. End of story, bustin bugs… Go get another up! Hat tricks should be the norm today. My time is up, go out and make it a great day!

Todd Vowell

You just got an email with a special deal on 10,000 pieces of mail. The price is low, real low. Its enticing. So, you open the attachment and right before your very eyes, one nice looking piece! So you sign up and roll but then one little problem. Traffic is not good. Plus, the people that do bring in the piece hand it to you and it looks real bad, not to mention so thin, you could see through it. This happens too often.

It might be a little boring and many dealers don’t realize that the quality of the paper (no matter if its a postcard or actual mail piece with envelope) has a lot to do with the success of your direct mail event. A thicker paper runs the machines better and the quality of end product can be “night and day.” That of course in turn has a dramatic effect on response.

Cheap thin paper not only effects the response rate but it even effect the quantity of mail going out because thin paper jams the machines and “stops the presses” every time there is a problem. Many pieces end up in the garbage.(Spoilage) Some companies will make up for it, some don’t. Make sure to ask about overage/underage and what their policy is. (Is it 2% or 3% or ??? )

Here is a “Cheat Sheet” for automotive dealers and managers to reference when talking to companies about their piece. You may also want to request a hard copy sample. (Very common until email came around and another corner was cut out.)

paper weight

Anything below 80lb or 10pt. is unacceptable. (Especially if your doing a jumbo postcard with a key or other attachment on there.) There are special circumstances like when overall total weight (postage) comes into the picture. But more often than not, a good solid quality thick heavier paper is best. The investment is a little more but so worth it. If your going to do it, DO IT!

Hope this helps, make sure that “direct mail marketing expert” knows more than you do about this stuff. (Its their job to)  Then, get the right piece, to the right buyers, at the right time. MOVE METAL!

Great selling,

Todd Vowell -CEO

Digital Car Leads

Buy Mail Direct, Inc



bspoke p manning

You Don’t Have to be Peyton to get a Custom B.Spoke Suit!

Exclusive offer through BMD and B.Spoke. We give them accolades and some love (well deserved by the way) , and in return, we worked out a deal where you (or your salesperson, manager, whomever) get a top of the line:

  • Custom Suit
  • Beautiful Silk Tie
  • Classy Custom Dress Shirt

(When you run any event with Digital Car Leads or Buy Mail Direct!)

Celebrating record weekends using BMD or DCL is exciting and you want to look your best. We “got you covered!” (Ladies, got you covered too)

What do we mean by custom suits? Glad you asked!

We customize the lining in your jacket with anything you want. ( College Alma mater, Favorite sports team, your kids, spouse, inspiration, wedding or anniversary, the Dealership, Manufacture, make and model, etc!)

We also will stitch any special message under the flap of your jacket. (Your spouses name, kids name, Top Dog!, Bible verse, favorite saying, anything you want)



Popular Digital/Direct Mail Marketing Events:
Buy Back, Current Factory Themes (co-op), Sub Prime, Anniversary, Pre-approved,Tax Season, many more.


  • All creative
  • Targeted List 
  • Four Color
  • Training Videos
  • Postage
  • Data File Preparation  
  • Data Validation

5,000 Piece: $4,599
10,000 Piece: $6,999
20,000 Piece: $11,799

The story behind BMD’s “Custom Suit Signing Bonus,” is explained by CEO Todd Vowell.

Many moons ago and I was green salesman but inspired and very competitive. My boss broke out a sales contest. The person that sold the most, wins a new suit, new tie, and new dress shirt.

I was so excited. I had one suit at the time and like most salespeople wanted to look my best out on the road. What better way to look good than winning the contest and picking out a new suit!

I came in early every day, stayed late. I worked my ass off. There was a sales board and I knew I had to beat out guys much more talented than me, more experienced, and the odds were against me. But I had a chance and that’s all you can ask for.

I lost! 


In fact, I got creamed. I will never forget the guy that won would come in and have his new suit on with the shirt and nice looking tie. He looked sharp. I had to look at that suit every day it seemed. In fact, I swear one day when I walked by, the suit actually laughed at me. It haunted me. I still have nightmares 30 years later!

I played it off, no big deal. But inside I was so pissed. It burned. I hated losing. I wanted those suits. I needed that suit. I told myself, “NEVER AGAIN.”

By the way, that was the last contest I ever lost. I went on to be top dog and stayed on top of the leader board every month. (Just FYI!)

But when people ask me if this sales contest works and if a suit is the best contest give-a-way? The answer is YES. It’s been 30 years and it still seems like it happened just yesterday. That’s my story!

Thanks and great selling,

Todd Vowell


ron berg

As an automotive Owner/GM, if you expect success with your next automotive digital/direct mail event, but your only willing to pay for it, then save the money, don’t do it. That is not meant to be the old “take away.” It is sound advice supported by 29 years, 500,000 miles flown, 35,000 events, 245 million pieces of mail (average 7,000 each event) 3,675,000 ups, and 330,750 deliveries.

Years ago, most companies that sold automotive direct mail events, were from the car business and certainly were NOT “ad agencies.” Today, many dealers make a fundamental mistake and choose a direct mail event based on price or looks, not value, ROI or experience. (Not all, but plenty)  Then get mad when it bombs. In fact, many younger, newer dealership managers think direct mail is just something to “get some extra traffic.” BIG MISTAKE… Huge Mistake! With the added value of new technology and many digital channels today, direct mail is unstoppable.

Today more than ever, a dealership must invest just as much time and effort in prep as they do anything else. Still to this day, the car salesperson will make or break any direct mail event, period. They are the backbone and must be trained and ready to handle a packed lot. There is an art to quickly but diplomatically sifting through to the buyers.

“Most moochers are buyers if the automotive salesperson has the right attitude and is trained correctly.”

After 35,000 events, guess what one question from car salespeople I hear more than any other (during a direct mail event) that kills more deals than halitosis? Ready? It’s, “Hello folks, you here to buy a car today or just want a free gift card?” (The correct way to handle this is greet normally and if they ask about the gift, give it to them, it disarms then, then go back to your normal process.

Direct mail has not gone away because it is too powerful. Car dealers need to embrace this and take advantage of it. But they also need to hire a company that knows the car business and is willing to prepare, train, and make sure the entire dealership is committed, and ready from top to bottom.

I will end with this. Every weekend, two dealerships that sell the same make and model, are in the same state, the event was the same weekend, same direct mail event message, same size stores, both do the same amount of pieces, get the same response rate, but one sells 4 cars, and the other 34. Why? The market? No. The weather? No. Management, salespeople and the right attitude with a commitment to prepare, practice, drill, rehearse and train? Bingo!

Great selling, go out and make it a great day,

Todd Vowell