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1) Fleet of Over 200,000 vehicles hit the roads everyday

2) Over 500 Million pieces will be delivered today

3) 493,381 employees (Over 7,000 will deliver mail on foot today)

4) The Postal Service has the country’s largest retail network — (larger than McDonald’s, Starbucks and Walmart combined)

5) More than 113,000 Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Coast Guard and Airmen veterans work for USPS.

6) It’s personal. You can keep letters and cards forever

7) Mail is reliable, trusted and secure (more than 200 federal laws protect the sanctity of the U.S. Mail)

8) The $1.4 trillion mailing industry employs more than 7.5 million people.

9) 5,581 postal employees were attacked by a dog last year (dedication)

10) 0 tax dollars received for operating the Postal Service

“Selling cars is personal. Its about building trust, confidence, and relationships. It all starts with direct mail and the right message in the right mailbox, at the right time…”

Great Selling,

Todd Vowell

Owner, Buy Mail Direct, Inc


You just got an email with a special deal on 10,000 pieces of mail. The price is low, real low. Its enticing. So, you open the attachment and right before your very eyes, one nice looking piece! So you sign up and roll but then one little problem. Traffic is not good. Plus, the people that do bring in the piece hand it to you and it looks real bad, not to mention so thin, you could see through it. This happens too often.

It might be a little boring and many dealers don’t realize that the quality of the paper (no matter if its a postcard or actual mail piece with envelope) has a lot to do with the success of your direct mail event. A thicker paper runs the machines better and the quality of end product can be “night and day.” That of course in turn has a dramatic effect on response.

Cheap thin paper not only effects the response rate but it even effect the quantity of mail going out because thin paper jams the machines and “stops the presses” every time there is a problem. Many pieces end up in the garbage.(Spoilage) Some companies will make up for it, some don’t. Make sure to ask about overage/underage and what their policy is. (Is it 2% or 3% or ??? )

Here is a “Cheat Sheet” for automotive dealers and managers to reference when talking to companies about their piece. You may also want to request a hard copy sample. (Very common until email came around and another corner was cut out.)

paper weight

Anything below 80lb or 10pt. is unacceptable. (Especially if your doing a jumbo postcard with a key or other attachment on there.) There are special circumstances like when overall total weight (postage) comes into the picture. But more often than not, a good solid quality thick heavier paper is best. The investment is a little more but so worth it. If your going to do it, DO IT!

Hope this helps, make sure that “direct mail marketing expert” knows more than you do about this stuff. (Its their job to)  Then, get the right piece, to the right buyers, at the right time. MOVE METAL!

Great selling,

Todd Vowell -CEO

Digital Car Leads

Buy Mail Direct, Inc



smart phone


News flash, Smartphones have changed everything. Social Media, Advertising, Marketing, Display, Email, E-commerce, and Search have all moved from the PC to the smartphone. Customers and prospects are even responding to offline advertising like TV, direct mail, print, and radio by grabbing their smart phone. (Many consumers don’t even have a “home phone” anymore.)

In fact, a phone call should be considered a click. Customers that call (or click) expect immediate access to information and/or assistance. No matter what, the goal is to drive conversations, build relationships, and do business.


Search: 62% of all search traffic comes from mobile devices. (emarketer)
Email: 65% of all email in America gets opened on a mobile device. (BIA/Kelsey)
Social Media: 55% of social media is consumed on mobile devices, 70% for Twitter alone. (comScore)
Display ads: Adults spend 34 hours a month browsing the Internet on mobile devices vs. 27 hours on PCs. (Nielsen)
Ecommerce: 87% of smartphones and tablet owners use their mobile devices while watching TV.
Print, Radio, Direct Mail, Billboards: 91% have their mobile devices within arm’s reach 24/7! (Nielsen)

Why Phone Leads Matter?

For 50 years, callers are buyers. That has not changed. We spend $68 Billion a year to drive phone leads because they mean revenue period.

Phone numbers in mobile search are critical and extremely valuable. According to Google, over 70% of people call directly from search results and those conversations last longer than 30 seconds.

Tracking is at the foundation of it all. Call tracking phone numbers need to be inserted in all online and offline material. You can do local, toll-free or vanity, but you must have them.

Having a dedicated phone number for your dealership sales, service, parts, body, f&I, used car manager, new cars, etc. is just the beginning. You should have a phone number for Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, and/or any other channels you use. Otherwise, how do you know where revenue is being generated and not generated?

Further, an IVR should be considered. An IVR helps your dealership personalize a callers experience and they can interact with an automated menu using their keypad or voice recognition. An IVR is also great for qualifying phone leads automatically.

With so many channels today (Social Media, TV, Direct Mail, Newspaper, Email, Billboards, Search key words, Display, Radio, Facebook, Twitter,) pushing marketing campaigns, specials, discounts, and coupons, dealers need to know what is generating phone calls and revenue and which are not.

Let’s keep in mind also that each dealership actually has five different businesses within (New and Used Car Sales, F&I, Service, Parts, and Body shop)

Add it all up and it really comes down to tracking and accountability. Dealerships need to start with having a phone number for each channel. After 30, 60, 90 days, dealers will really start to see what is working and what is not. Dealerships can accomplish this with minimal investment. (A couple hundred bucks a month.)

For dealerships that have done a good job collecting cell phone numbers, we are talking BIG ADVANTAGE. You can push specials, discounts, coupons, even set up an automated phone call to your customers leaving a voice mail about these specials or just happy birthday, Merry Christmas, get your car fixed, new tires, etc.! The relationship building tools are endless with the good old phone!

Great selling and happy tracking!

campaign 101

With the Presidential election process in full swing, what better way to explain the difference between a campaign and an event?

When running for president, you don’t just do an event and send one direct mail piece out that says “vote for me.” No, you run a campaign that repeats “why, how, what, where you should vote for me” over and over including direct mail, social media, and other media channels. The message includes facts, positions, experience, etc. You build value over time!

Let’s compare an event and a campaign in the automotive industry. If a car dealer is having an Event, it is one weekend. Good examples of this are Presidents Day Weekend, or Labor Day Weekend. These are holiday weekends that can be targeted with a direct mail piece (a hook) and invite customers and/or prospects in over a few days. Pack the lot, create that “buying environment” and sell cars.

A good example of a campaign would be the “Buy Back” Campaign. This is the most powerful campaign today. But most dealers don’t come close to taking full advantage of it. Let’s cover the right way to run a powerful Digital/Direct Marketing Campaign for the “Buy Back.”

First we define the audience. Are we hitting customers, conquest, or all year, make, models in a radius around the dealership? Once we have that, we then can build the campaign. A good campaign should last 90 days. There is an old saying, “repetition is the mother of all skill.”

So for this example, we have ran a 10 mile radius of the dealership and we are targeting all 2006 – 2013 Ford, Chrysler, GM, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Honda, and Hyundai vehicles. (Came out to 10,000 owners) At the end of the 90 days, those 10,000 vehicle owners that live in the same neighborhood as the dealership will all know there is a buyer for their vehicle, it’s serious, and we are talking “top dollar!”

This Campaign starts off with a multi-channel digital/direct marketing approach that Includes:

• Direct Mail (1st notice, second notice, last notice)
• Complex Variable Data
• pURL – Personal URL
• Blue or Black Book Value Appends
• tIP – Target IP’s
• Facebook/Instagram Newsfeed Targeting
• Landing or Lead Page
• Mobile Conquesting
• Email Broadcast
• BDC (To take phone calls and set appointments for dealership)

Everyone knows the Internet is hot. But we can’t forget that good old dependable and trusted mailbox out front. The mail is now perceived as “noteworthy.” (Oh, you got something in the mail? Must be important…)

You combine digital targeted messages (view-ability only on the computers, phones, tablets, and gaming devices of people receiving that important direct mail), you now have yourself one powerful Automotive Digital/Direct Marketing CAMPAIGN.

You hammer it for 90 days; you turn that campaign into an impressive and huge profit!

Happy campaign trails!


This is about being proactive and reaching out to local vehicle owners with an aggressive offer to buy their car based on real market vablackbookjpeglue numbers. (Not waiting for the “Internet car buyer”) No matter if it is Black Book or KBB, the road to success goes right through each customer’s garage.

Yes, we hear every day the incredible math stats or KPI’s such as “the more VDP’s (Vehicle Detail Page) dealer’s register, the more cars they will sell…” Really? Duhhhh…. How about this Key Performance Indicator? “The more local vehicles you make an offer to buy, the more cars you will sell!” How about that one?

Its no secret that dealers who don’t wait for car buyers, rather create their own car buyers are the ones that put upkelly-blue-book big numbers and will be around tomorrow.  If it’s true, car buyers only visit 1.4 dealerships before buying these days, it might be better to put them in the market, not wait!

The Internet is great for educating customers and grabbing car buyers when they are ready to enter the “car buying market.” However, the best ways for aggressive dealerships who don’t believe in waiting for the market to come to them is to push the button on a vigorous digital/direct mail multi-channel, complex variable data, book value, append, and purL infested approach!

Bonus:   To really hammer home the message that your dealership shocks customers every day with high dollar offers to buy their current vehicle, show them don’t just tell them. Have fun. Companies like Buy Mail Direct are the best in the business when it comes to helping dealers separate from the pack and put local vehicle owners in the market for a new car. When is the last time your current digital or direct mail marketing company used an actual photo that really grabs local prospects? (Like the one above)

Again, don’t just tell customers how surprised they will be when they see how much you will buy their car for, when they do business with your dealership, SHOW THEM! Show them real numbers and show them “shocked” in true form!

Go tell 10,000 lucky local car owners around your dealership the good news about how much you will buy their car for today, CASH!

My time is up, you have been great.

Good selling!

Todd Vowell

Time for another round of “Car Repair Trivia!” Good luck.

Mr and Mrs Working Class received an estimate for a new transmission. The estimate was $2,800 but like 46% of Americans, they don’t have even $1,000 put away for emergencies. (Like car repairs)  Plus, they don’t have a credit card because the old credit is shot at the moment.

new transmission couponSo, they are are on the Internet (and phone) trying to find a better price when all of a sudden they see a note on “Your Auto Repair” website that says, “Click here to get pre-qualified for our No Credit Check, Same as Cash Auto Repair Funds now!” So they click on it, are congratulated for being pre-aproved but need to bring down a current monthly checking account statement and valid state id.

They discovered they can put a little down now (and get the work done immediately) and pay the rest over an entire year. (All without applying for any credit at all)  Plus, “Your Auto Repair” gets paid 100% Guaranteed within five days.

So the Trivia question is do they:

1) Keep on looking
2) Not fix the car and walk everywhere
3) Take their info down to “Your Auto Repair” and get a new transmission

If you picked three, you are a winner, correct! If you want “Your Auto Repair” shop to offer the same funding (for about $15 a month),  call us today, you will be glad you did! (So will your customers)




No Credit Check CarL

Chico, CA: Buy Mail Direct, the creator of “No Credit Check, Car Repair Funds” that allow automotive dealerships and Independent Repair Shops nationwide, an alternative for customers to pay beyond the old traditional “Check or Credit Card,” for their car repair service customers.

“46% of Americans have less than $1,000 socked away for emergencies like car repairs and 76% are living paycheck to paycheck these days, so this is a win/win for the customer and the dealership,” said CEO Todd Vowell. “Families need that car to get the kids to school and then work so a dependable and safe vehicle is a must have these days”, he continued.

So how does it work? Customers that need car repairs but are a little short today or have no credit card now have more options. Its like “Lay-a-way” except they get the service/product up front and the dealership/repair shop get 100% of their money GUARANTEED within five days. Dealers report an increase in “one item repair orders, declined repairs, parts, HPRO, and even Retail labor sales.

There is no credit check but the customer does apply online and gets prequalified for an amount (up to $5,000) using a double patented process that evaluates each customer’s ability to pay it back. There is no financing whatsoever. The customer never “applies for credit!” The customer simply pays a small down payment up front and has the option to pay it back over the next 3, 6 even 12 months. It’s that simple…

“Car dealerships will sell a car to someone with a BK, Judgment, Divorce, and a Lien but won’t repair the customer’s car unless they pay it all up front? That needs to change and it is!” said CEO, Todd Vowell. “There are so many hard working people out there going about their lives who face unexpected car repair work. They have a job and just may need to extend that repair bill out a little to make it more affordable.” Vowell continued. “I can’t afford it…” changes to “Now, I can afford it!”


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