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Overall brand loyalty stands at an average 49.5% so let’s just say car dealerships have a 50/50 chance that their new car buying customer is going to be back to do it again. There is no better time than now for dealers to dig into key stats and tap data driven strategies with both digital and traditional to gain market share BIG TIME!

The longer someone owns a vehicle, the less likely they are to trade it in for a new model of the same make. (Source: Experian)

With the average length of new car ownership being about 78 months, certain makes are held on to longer than others. Dodge and Buick have the longest ownership periods (average 113 months each) with Ford, Chevy, and Mitsubishi rounding out the top five.

Of course the short term vehicles owners have more loyalty and choose to replace their vehicle with the same brand 57% of the time.

What does it all mean for car dealers? From a digital and direct marketing perspective, it’s “Open Season” on Conquest owners and it’s a “wake up call” to take care of your customer base. If you as a dealership are not reaching out and touching your customers once a month or every other month, you can be sure someone else is.

Bottom-line, Registrations for light VIO here in the USA has reached a record level of 257,900,000. Brand loyalty is not what it used to be and never will be again. Conquest marketing is just as important as marketing to your customer base.

Hit them both, hit them often, and hit them hard!

Great Selling,

Todd Vowell


mobile conq


device use prior to dealer visit

Automotive Mobile Conquesting Overview:

  • We place over 15,000 premium mobile apps and mobile web browsing across your desired Geo-fencing area
  • We offer dynamically updated ads that show the user the distance they are from your location or if you have multiple locations – the distance to the closest
  • We can do geo-conquesting down to .1 mile (500 feet) around your competitors’ locations
  • We offer “expandable” mobile banner ad formats
  • In addition to Geo-fencing we add layers of targeting categories matched to your customer profile


how expandable ads work2


exandable ads call to actions

geo conquest around comptition

Success Story:

mobile conquesting success story2

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But before you do, consider the next best thing, Geo-Targeted Mobile Conquesting/Fencing!

Security Guard

There is a reason the mobile ad/marketing spend was 30.45 Billion last year and will reach 42.01 Billion this year. (eMarketer Jan 11, 2016)

There is so much you can do but lets focus on the proven effective and most powerful channels. Mobile Conquesting is another GAME CHANGER in the HOT HOT digital marketing world.

How? We can do Geo-Fencing down to 500 feet around your competitions location. We can even include exactly how far away they are from your dealership location along with directions.

Mobile conquest will let that traffic on your competitors lot right now know you are nearby and you will pay more for their trade, offer better deals, better selection, etc etc!

geo conquest around comptition

Geo-Fencing and Targeting are both powerful but lets not confuse the two.
Here is the difference!

geo fence and geo target

These are exciting times in the Digital/Direct Marketing World. Find what works for you and hammer it! People spend on average 3 hours a day on their smart phone so be there!

Good selling,

Todd Vowell