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10,000 Piece Mailer Includes

  • Custom Message
  • 100 Android Tablet Certificates
  • Four Color
  • Targeted Saturation List
  • Postage Walk Sequence
  • Artwork – Creative
  • Full Support – Training

Investment: $6,499 Complete!







When I was young, working my way through college, a friend of mine hired me to pick peaches and paid 50 cents a bucket. The bucket was a metal container with a strap you wore around your neck so you had two hands free to hit each tree.

I remember the first day well. With my first tree, I got like four or five buckets out that bad boy in 105 degree weather. I can still feel the scratchy peach fuse mixed with sweat on the back of my neck.

So I said, “OK boss, first tree done which tree is next?” He looked at me and said, “you sure you got all the peaches?” I said yes, absolutely. He just smiled, took my bucket and went over to the tree I just stripped of ALL PEACHES and proceeded to take me to school. I stood there and watched him get another 20 buckets of peaches off that tree I was sure had nothing left.

So yes, when we talk about salespeople and how most only get the low hanging fruit, it goes much further than just the optics. Getting more customers is an art form just like picking peaches. You have to have instinct, passion, tools, creativity and you have to be willing to get on a ladder and really do some hard work. (Work most are not willing to do)

Anyone can pick low hanging fruit. The best salespeople in the country no matter if its cars, real estate, direct mail, or even peaches, are the ones that really take it serious, don’t give up, and are just relentless. It becomes more than a job or even career. Selling becomes the DNA of who you are.

The best peaches (or customers) are the one’s way up in the tree, hidden behind branches and leaves. Those are the most valuable because they are hard to find and most folks have missed them, didn’t see them, didn’t even look. (They just walked on by, grabbed some low hanging, and kept going.)  Don’t let that be you…

Also, don’t let the Internet and all the new ways to reach customers fool you. Sales is still a people business. It is still all about building relationships based on trust. If customers trust you, and like you, they will do business with you. If they don’t then they won’t.

The Internet and many digital channels are just extra tools to help you (find all the peachpeaches) earn that much-needed trust in order to build the relationship. Use them all, the more the merrier!  Do that and life will be “peachie” I guarantee it! My time is up, you been great. Good selling –

Todd Vowell

three cars garage

A record 57 million Americans now live in a multi-generation family household. (PEW Research) That explains why almost half of all households have at least two vehicles, even three. This is a huge opportunity for automotive dealerships.

In the last 25 years, it has been standard practice (or a default) in the automotive digital/direct mail marketing world to always “checkmark” and only mail to “one per household.” That is not such a good idea anymore if you are executing a variable data approach in order to be RELEVANT to each household recipient.

Let’s say for example, you are a dealership wanting to send out a “Buy Back” piece. (By the way, if you are not doing a “Buy Back” piece to (at least) your customer base a minimum four times a year, you are literally giving your customer base away to the competition) So anyway, you hire a company, send them your customer data list and they do the mailing. They may even submit your customer vehicle info to Black Book or KBB for current values to be appended for sweet perfection.

However, what about that other vehicle(s) in the driveway? What if you send a “Buy Back” piece to “Joe Customer” when actually it’s “Joe Customer Jr.” or even “Jolene Customer” who is thinking about selling his/her car and getting a new one? Don’t you want to make sure ALL vehicle owners in the household get your “Buy Back Notice?” Of course you do!

If you’re going to invest in a “Buy Back” campaign, make sure you hit every vehicle owner, every opportunity, in each and every household. (No matter if you sold the car or not) Finding the right Digital/Direct Mail Marketing Company to partner with in today’s competitive market is critical to your success. Taking your customer info and running it up against a master file in order to pull down the “year, make, model, and names of all vehicles owners in each of your customer’s household gives you the edge to dominate the market.


My time is up, great selling!

Todd Vowell

Google Report and What 2 Million Recent Car Buyers Said Regarding What Influenced Them Most! 

google report

VDP (Vehicle Detail Pages) – KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) Etc. Etc. There are so many new automotive “Internet stats with views, clicks, bounce, click-through, leads, 3rd party leads, etc etc” We lost count.

The spin stops here!

2 million car buyers were followed, surveyed, and asked, “what influenced you most in your purchase?

They have been, and still are:

• Dealership Visit
• Test Drive
• Salesperson

Yes, of course customers spend hours online researching and some indicators are important, no question. But when dealers use the most trusted form of communication (direct mail) to initiate contact, then include a Multichannel, Digital/Direct Marketing Complex Variable Approach, it brings buyers to the lot, period…

It is then up to the dealership and ALL TEAM MEMBERS to have a well thought out plan and strategy that has been practiced, drilled, and rehearsed in order to make sure the customer has a positive experience, an exhilarating test drive, and enjoyable stress free buying experience. Real automotive industry companies will educate, guide, and support dealerships from A to Z, so come “Big Event Day,” all they need to focus on is “Moving Metal!”

It’s that simple…


JackieBCooerVidPicThe Internet has brought more “gurus and experts” to the car business than I care to count. Everyone wants to tell dealers how to sell cars, how to treat customers, and on and on. The problem is 98% of these folks have never been on the black top. They inject too many “personal feelings” into everything they say and do.

My favorite is, “today’s car buyers are much more intelligent.” Really? When is the last time you took 30 minutes to listen to your dealerships incoming sales calls? Now don’t take that wrong or out of context. My point is just that the average “Joe Buyer” out there has not changed. They are busy living their lives and only buy about 10 new cars their whole life. People have been researching vehicles before they buy for over 100 years now. They just get most of their info from the Internet now.

The top three influences that existed before the Internet are still the top 3 today and they are, the dealership experience, the salesperson, and the test drive. (From Google report/survey that followed 2 million recent car purchases)

Enjoy 3 lessons Jackie B Cooper taught me years ago that still ring true today:

1) Cost!  Remove words like cost, charge, price, spend, and replace with the word, “Invest.” Still today, you see ads that say, “spend spend morethis much and get a discount,” or “That car will COST you about $450 a month.”

May we suggest:

“Folks, the monthly investment on that vehicle is going to range from $395 to $495 depending on amount down, length of loan and other terms.” OR: “Invest $300 in our Service department and receive a $25 discount.” Much better!

2) “Up to?”  Those might be the most powerful two words in the industry. If a salesperson ask a customer how much of a monthly investment their budget will allow for a new car, and they say $300, and the salesperson responds with, “up to?” $350, sometimes $400 will just spew out most of the time! $50 bump at 72 months is only another $3,600 but hey gross profit is gross profit!

3) Mental ownership.Where will you take your first trip in your new car?” Mental ownership is not a “tactic” or tricking the customer. It is simply getting that customer to take “mental ownership” of the vehicle. Nothing wrong with that!

What is your favorite Jackie B Cooper lesson or story? Share it on the Jackie B Cooper dedication page, CLICK HERE!

NB 626

When “running” a successful Digital/Direct Mail campaign, one of the busiest by far is the Used Car Manager. Especially with “Buy Backs” still evolving, still gaining, and still producing record results. Not only are the NM 626 designed with superior cushion, that are also slip resistant. (Very important because of weather in some states) Also, they are all black and can pass for dress shoes.

Is it just the shoes? Hardly. As much as so many want to try and convince us that things have changed, sorry but some things will never change. The car business is still about people and relationships. Not just customer relationships but you and the dealership personnel relationships. Your management team, support staff and salespeople are what make or break any event.

Just like the last 100 years, we sell the sizzle, not the steak for true success. Dealers/GM’s need to sell their managers, salespeople, receptionist, and all team members on any special event as well. (Not just the customers)

For example, the next time you run an event, hold a special meeting. (Over and beyond the “regular day, regular time” so its unique, different, and really means something)  Bring up the “Used Car Manager” and/or anyone else that appraises cars (get their shoe size before hand) and present them with a sweet looking pair of New Balance 626 Shoes and tell them, (along with everyone else), YOU ARE GOING TO NEED THEM BECAUSE WE JUST SENT 10,000 LOCAL CAR OWNERS AN AGGRESSIVE “OFFER TO BUY” THEIR CAR FOR 10% OVER CURRENT BOOK VALUES FOR ONE DAY ONLY- SO YOU WILL BE BUSY NEXT SATURDAY!

Want to take it even further? Get all your salespeople New Balance 626 Shoes for the event. The point is, MAKE THE EVENT SPECIAL. Find ways to break out, be different, motivate, inspire. Get Crazy! You want your team to walk away thinking, “I love this dealership, my boss rocks, its different, its awesome, the owner really cares.”

Have a smaller budget? It could be something as simple yet effective as buying everyone a box of Wheaties and telling them, “You Better Eat Your Wheaties Because We Are Going To Be Busy!”

This is the car business, we have fun. Buying a car is exciting. Your customers deserve excitement and so does your sales team!

If you are pumped up, your managers will be pumped up. If your managers are pumped up, your salespeople will be pumped up. If your salespeople are pumped up, your customers will be pumped up. Pumped up customers, BUY CARS! (I know you know that, its just fun to write)

Great Selling!

Todd Vowell,


Digital Car Leads

Buy Mail Direct, Inc.

take a test drive

Does Social Media really influence anyone to buy a car? If someone I know post up on Facebook, they just bought a Toyota Camry, does that make me want to go buy one too? Hardly… In fact, it makes me want to go buy a Cadillac.(Anything but what they just bought)

So while many new automotive marketing “experts” reinvent the industry using the Internet as their foundation, there are three top influences that have always determined actual sales and still do.

They are:

  1. The dealership visit
  2. The salesperson
  3. The test drive

That’s it. Even though some of today’s car buyers spend hours online researching automotive features, history, pricing, ratings, etc, it continues to come down to the relationship with the dealership, the salesperson, and how well the car drives.

Lets go through each one.

The Dealership visit: When was the last time you really took a step back and looked through the eyes of that new prospect parking at your dealership for the first time and getting out of his/her car? What happens? What is their actual experience? Just like in sports, there is the “play” drawn up on the chalk board, then there is the “real life experience” play we all see live and in color. The chalk board play always makes sense and works well. But as we all know, for the live action experience to work well, we must practice, practice, practice, to get it right.

Start with the parking. Don’t test it out Tuesday morning before you are open. Try to park at your dealership on Saturday afternoon. Is it easy? Are you forced to park right below 5 salespeople with sunglasses in a circle, smoking, telling jokes, and fighting over who is “up” next?  Are you greeted before you can even get out of your car? When you are greeted, is it in a professional way? (Anyone got you yet? Hello and welcome, how may we be of service today?)

What about the vehicles? Are they lined up straight? All start? All have gas? I know these are basic questions but it seems in today’s ever-changing landscape, basics get ignored more than we think.

The Salesperson. This one is key. As the old saying goes, “people buy, or don’t buy, primarily based on feelings.” Meaning, if they feel good about you, they will buy, if not, they won’t. Unfortunately, a few dealerships have throw in the towel, and offer a small salary with some incentives to a “glorified greeter.” They have given up on the professional, tenacious, persistent, “relationship building,” automotive salesperson. This is a mistake. Car dealers should be fighting for and recruiting the areas best of the best. Land them, and pay them good. Your dealership will earn much more money!  If you ever want to find out what dealership pays the best in your market, just ask around in places where salespeople like to meet!

The Test Drive: So many new “Internet experts” want the car buying process to be performed all online. They have gambled by leaving good careers behind and count on it. But unfortunately, it remains rather simple, time tested, and easy to understand. The test drive ultimately has a major influence on the customer buying the vehicle or not. All the on-line data, reviews, endorsements, awards, and references don’t mean diddly, if the “Test Drive” stinks and the vehicle just doesn’t handle, and perform up to and exceed expectations.

Bottom-line for 2015. Don’t push people to your website or the Internet, unless you continue to push them all the way to your dealership. This includes a plan for the moment they park at your dealership, to the relationship with your salesperson, to the awesome “test drive” that will ultimately see them all the way to busting bugs- GREAT SELLING!