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Two dealerships that sell the same make, in the same state (but 200 miles apart); run an aggressive digital/direct mail event to the same criteria, same weekend, same message, same hours, same type of balloons, same data, same inventory count, everything is the same.

Even the response is the same, they both get 110 ups.

But one dealership sells 31 units and one sells three. Does this ever happen? Every weekend for 29 years that I know of.

Why? What is it? If you’re thinking salespeople and preparation, you are right.

There is an old saying that “If you just don’t insult anyone, you will sell 10% of the attendees.” That really means make sure your salespeople buy-in 100% and make sure you have no “rain clouds.”

In respect to the blueprint , the big question is, when customers arrive, what is the plan? What will their experience be? Walt Disney was one of the first to really dig into this. No your dealership is not an amusement park. But if you have a well thought out plan for customers after they park their car, that your salespeople execute flawlessly, you will notice happy customers having fun and that will sell cars big league!

The important steps are making sure each customer is married into your event from the get go. You want to bring them in, separate them from their trade, and start “the experience!”

Don’t find the company who can just give you the best price, find the company who knows the car biz and can give you the best preparation!

Good selling,

Todd Vowell

CEO, Buy Mail Direct Inc


They say car shoppers now only visit 1.4 dealerships before they buy. Make sure that is your dealership they visit! Free stuff generates traffic but a well prepared sales and management team is what sells cars!

Buy Mail Direct has the most powerful Digital/Direct mail events in the country and this new premium hook makes sure your lot is packed come “EVENT DAY!”


scratch for riches pic

If your customer doesn’t win the $10,000 no worries!

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Call Todd today for new summer 2016 samples and more information!

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Digital Car Leads, a Division of Buy Mail Direct is revolutionizing the Automotive Digital and Direct Mail Marketing Industry.

Here’s how:

Basic formula: Home Address = IP Address

Targeting Household IP Addresses is as Precise as Targeting the Postal Address.

Digital Car Leads/BMD brings the location-specific accuracy of our direct mail events to digital marketing with surgical precision. We match postal addresses to IPs so we can serve Car/Boat/RV dealers targeted digital display and video ads to individual houses or buildings using the IP as the entry point.

 “Through patent-pending technology we target digital ads to potential buyers by matching their IP address with their physical address, which is then used for precise digital ad targeting at the IP/router level.” Todd Vowell, CEO, Buy Mail Direct, Inc.

This brings your targeted banner and display ad to the sites they visit most on the Internet. All viewed on the home computers, mobile phones, Lap Tops, Tablets, and even gaming devices. No waste, no cookies, no census blocks, no geo-location tools, no kidding. (Automatic blocking of adult and low quality spam sites.)

 IP Targeting takes the traditional direct mail strategy and delivers a message in the form of banner or video ads on websites online. It can be used with or without direct mail.

The result: No more “one and done” direct mail piece. You can hit customers 20-50 more times than just one mail piece. This is boosting response rates 30-50% consistently!  Customers can click though to your website or custom landing page. (depending on the message)

Call, Click: for more info.


I have a secret for you. I say secret because I can’t find a dealer utilizing YouTube’s new “Interactive Cards.” Are you? If not, get a big time edge on the competition. Plus, start doubling “YouTube leads!”

You already know all the stats that are “off the chart” when it comes to car buyers consumption of watching videos. The newest stat though is over half are watched from a smartphone. YouTube sees it too. So they have a new Interactive addition you can put on all your videos.

Meaning, you can now add an Interactive card pointing viewers to your website or five other “Call To Action” choices. For example, as customers watch your video on that “hard to find pre-owned vehicle” you just got in, you can put a “Get Pre-approved Now” in the upper right corner of your video. (Or “visit our website for all inventory” or whatever you want) Customers click on it and can go right to your website link to get per-approved.

Is that not powerful? This is exciting stuff from YouTube!

Here are the directions, its easy:

How to set up YouTube interactive cards: (Or watch their video, click here)

1. Go to your YouTube video manager, click “edit” button. (Or click down arrow )
2. Click on “cards” in the top navigation bar, then click on “Add Card.”
3. Scrub to the point in the video where you want to add a card. This is where the teaser/title text will cue in the upper right corner of the video for about five seconds, then revert to an “I” icon in the same spot.
4. Click a blue button on the right called “Add Card” and it opens a window.
5. Select the card type you want to add.
6. Customize the card by adding an image, optimize the title, customize the call-to-action text, or adding a URL.
7. Repeat in other parts of the video as needed. You should space them out.
Click “Create Card!”

Great selling and happy interacting!

Todd Vowell

no mooch

“We ran a 10,000 piece mailer at our car dealership over the weekend, had 150 ups but only sold a few cars because everyone just wanted their free Walmart gift card.” Sound familiar?

Let’s forget the fact that any dealership that’s gets 150 ups from a direct mail event, can sell 10 -15% (22 cars) if they are serious about preparation, training, commitment, and execution. (Sending that one salesperson called “Johnny rain cloud” home for the day can’t hurt either) But let’s get back to that mooch or maybe more politically correct, “Gift grabber.”

In today’s world of CRM’s, Social Media, and Digital Marketing, the prospect that receives a direct mail piece, and drives a vehicle to the dealership to get their free gift, is not a mooch. They are just a future customer and needs to be nurtured.

This is where the “commitment” mentioned earlier really comes into play. The dealership must have a plan to grab every single:
• Name
• Address

Why? You are of course sowing to reap later. Let’s take the value of cell phone numbers alone. 99% of text messages are opened and read. 90% are read in less than three minutes. So if it’s 70 cents to invite a prospect in and $10 for a Walmart gift card to get each cell phone number, it’s worth it!

Let’s also hone in on name and address. Just by having this information in today’s world, you can now serve your ad/marketing message directly into each prospect’s Facebook/Instagram feed, and deliver banner ads whenever they log on to their home computer, tablet, mobile phone, or gaming device.

That’s right, with Facebook News Feed Targeting, Household IP Targeting, and Mobile Conquest/SMS Marketing; you can be assured any car owner prospect can be converted to a car buying customer.

We are experiencing the most exciting times ever in the Automotive Digital and Direct Mail Multi-channel Marketing world. Make sure you partner with someone that eats, sleeps, and obsesses over this stuff. The car business is back but as we all know too well, it can burst. Get your fair share and a wee bit more!

Good selling,

Todd Vowell



There is a lot going on between Internet advertisers, digital marketers, and consumers. Ad blockers, hackers, scrapers, bots, and outright fraud has forced advertising to move to content. So we no longer read articles regarding news and stories on the Internet. We read articles with advertising wrapped up in a pretty bow. That’s bad…

If that’s not enough, when we do find something of interest on the Internet and want to read the article associated with it, we click and instantly get frustrated. Its literally getting to the point where you have to be skilled, patient, and a bit of gambler to actually “bob and weave” to get to that damn article.

Then once you get to the article, you then need to keep eyes focused or get distracted by:

  • Man with bionic penis to finally lose his virginity at 43
  • The 14 Most Stunning Victoria’s Secret Swimsuit Photos Ever
  • Motley Crue Drummer Tommy Lee Gets Stuck on Roller coaster
  • I Thought They Were Friends! 19 Stars Who Hate Their Co-Stars
  • Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s Vacation Cost Them $18,000 Per Night
  • The new Wedge club that has people talking
  • 67 terrible human condition pictures only for the strong hearted

What does all this mean? The same thing it always has. The Internets biggest enemy is the Internet. Millions of consumers just want to read the news, entertainment, lifestyle, business, sports, or weather. They don’t want games, pop ups, ad content, etc. They just want the meat.

The Internet has changed the world and we all love the instant info, apps, and technology. But when it comes to advertising and marketing to consumers, the Jury is still out.

So, just like TV, Radio and Direct Mail, I wouldn’t count Newspaper out just yet. If the Internet keeps going like it is, we are in for a “Newspaper Come Back!”

Oh and before you shake your head, please note, I have no skin in the game with newspaper adverting whatsoever. In fact, newspaper is best used for starting a fire in the fireplace and training the puppy. But I actually went and purchased a newspaper yesterday. No BS, no games, just read the paper. It was nice.

Happy trails, my time is up, you have been great!

Todd Vowell
Digital Car Leads
Buy Mail Direct, Inc


PS – If you still have not watched famed ad legend Bob Hoffman’s Speech on “The Golden Age of Bullshit,” you are in for a treat! Click Here




Two types of car dealerships today. One waits for leads (or buys 3rd party ones)  and reacts to them. The other, creates their own leads and is proactive, goes after them! This is for the latter.

You have $5,500 budgeted for a 10,000 piece mailer to build traffic. The $5,500 includes everything. (Like four color, postage, list, graphics, the usual)

These critical Add-on features will turn your campaign into a Lead Generating, Car Buying Machine!

1) Personal URL – People open their mail next to their computer, tablet, or even phone these days. Many don’t want to call the dealership for more info so give then other options like a Personal URL to log on to. This will boost response rates big time and of course in-turn boost leads, appointments, and SOLD prospects.

2) QR Code – Mobile and smart phones are skyrocketing! A QR Code option for leads says, “hey we get it,” you don’t want to call yet and don’t even want to type in some website. You just want to snap and go. A QR Code gives your hip customers that option. Again boosting response rates big time, and generating far more leads, appointments, and SOLD prospects.

3) Activation Code – Putting an activation code on the direct mail piece in conjunction with other complex variable data info (like year, make, model) provides the consumer with “confidence” that they are calling a valid trust worthy company. That initial confidence in the early stages  is what establishes the hardest part of creating any relationship.

4) BDC – When leads respond to a direct mail piece, they are gold but quickly turn to copper if not responded to quickly (within 5 min.), professionally, and with the ultimate goal of setting an appointment. If you outsource the BDC, make sure calls are answered 24/7. (Here in the USA)  Leads should be compatible with major CRM’s in the auto industry . Also make sure they are compliant and follow all the rules. Have scripts and processes vetted by a well know legal authority. (Like Hudson and Cook, LLP)

5) Tracking and Stats – Customer information like phone numbers (cell phones especially) and emails are critical today. Also, know exactly what your investment is returning. With so much Social Media and other newer channels, accountability has slid. Stick with channels you can track and know that you are not just getting a return but enjoying a SWEET ROI!

Here is what the process should look like for real success:

direct mail bdc map


Will adding these channels and value to your campaign also increase the investment? Yes, of course. But if paying $5,500 is getting you traffic and adding about $2,400 gets you better bottom line results, it makes much more “cents!”
Many dealers average $2,400 front and back so would you sell at least one more car adding all these enhancements? (Hope your nodding your head yes right now)

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