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Overall brand loyalty stands at an average 49.5% so let’s just say car dealerships have a 50/50 chance that their new car buying customer is going to be back to do it again. There is no better time than now for dealers to dig into key stats and tap data driven strategies with both digital and traditional to gain market share BIG TIME!

The longer someone owns a vehicle, the less likely they are to trade it in for a new model of the same make. (Source: Experian)

With the average length of new car ownership being about 78 months, certain makes are held on to longer than others. Dodge and Buick have the longest ownership periods (average 113 months each) with Ford, Chevy, and Mitsubishi rounding out the top five.

Of course the short term vehicles owners have more loyalty and choose to replace their vehicle with the same brand 57% of the time.

What does it all mean for car dealers? From a digital and direct marketing perspective, it’s “Open Season” on Conquest owners and it’s a “wake up call” to take care of your customer base. If you as a dealership are not reaching out and touching your customers once a month or every other month, you can be sure someone else is.

Bottom-line, Registrations for light VIO here in the USA has reached a record level of 257,900,000. Brand loyalty is not what it used to be and never will be again. Conquest marketing is just as important as marketing to your customer base.

Hit them both, hit them often, and hit them hard!

Great Selling,

Todd Vowell



1) Fleet of Over 200,000 vehicles hit the roads everyday

2) Over 500 Million pieces will be delivered today

3) 493,381 employees (Over 7,000 will deliver mail on foot today)

4) The Postal Service has the country’s largest retail network — (larger than McDonald’s, Starbucks and Walmart combined)

5) More than 113,000 Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Coast Guard and Airmen veterans work for USPS.

6) It’s personal. You can keep letters and cards forever

7) Mail is reliable, trusted and secure (more than 200 federal laws protect the sanctity of the U.S. Mail)

8) The $1.4 trillion mailing industry employs more than 7.5 million people.

9) 5,581 postal employees were attacked by a dog last year (dedication)

10) 0 tax dollars received for operating the Postal Service

“Selling cars is personal. Its about building trust, confidence, and relationships. It all starts with direct mail and the right message in the right mailbox, at the right time…”

Great Selling,

Todd Vowell

Owner, Buy Mail Direct, Inc

You just got an email with a special deal on 10,000 pieces of mail. The price is low, real low. Its enticing. So, you open the attachment and right before your very eyes, one nice looking piece! So you sign up and roll but then one little problem. Traffic is not good. Plus, the people that do bring in the piece hand it to you and it looks real bad, not to mention so thin, you could see through it. This happens too often.

It might be a little boring and many dealers don’t realize that the quality of the paper (no matter if its a postcard or actual mail piece with envelope) has a lot to do with the success of your direct mail event. A thicker paper runs the machines better and the quality of end product can be “night and day.” That of course in turn has a dramatic effect on response.

Cheap thin paper not only effects the response rate but it even effect the quantity of mail going out because thin paper jams the machines and “stops the presses” every time there is a problem. Many pieces end up in the garbage.(Spoilage) Some companies will make up for it, some don’t. Make sure to ask about overage/underage and what their policy is. (Is it 2% or 3% or ??? )

Here is a “Cheat Sheet” for automotive dealers and managers to reference when talking to companies about their piece. You may also want to request a hard copy sample. (Very common until email came around and another corner was cut out.)

paper weight

Anything below 80lb or 10pt. is unacceptable. (Especially if your doing a jumbo postcard with a key or other attachment on there.) There are special circumstances like when overall total weight (postage) comes into the picture. But more often than not, a good solid quality thick heavier paper is best. The investment is a little more but so worth it. If your going to do it, DO IT!

Hope this helps, make sure that “direct mail marketing expert” knows more than you do about this stuff. (Its their job to)  Then, get the right piece, to the right buyers, at the right time. MOVE METAL!

Great selling,

Todd Vowell -CEO

Digital Car Leads

Buy Mail Direct, Inc



Serious businessman with dumbbells and painted muscular arms on chalkboard


First, make sure that the same targeted direct mail message has also been created online as a landing page. So if its fixed operations and we are offering Service Coupons, you want those same coupons to be on your landing page. If it’s variable operations, you want to also make sure that sales message is consistent both on line in a landing page and offline in the direct mail piece. Here you go:

1) Household tIP – (Target Household IP’s) Make sure that only the people receiving your direct mail piece will be able to see the targeted ad/message on line with their home computers, mobile phones, Tablets, and gaming devices. No waste! You do this by taking each customer postal address with last name and match it up to get their IP Address. This is not easily done so best to find a company that specializes in this niche. (You won’t find features like this in any CRM’s) tIP house

2) Facebook/Instagram – Take the customers phone number or email address to submit. That data is appended to Facebook and Instagram users for a match. The ad/message is then served  right in each customer’s Facebook and/or Instagram. (Facebook owns Instagram)   fb insta pic

3) Email Broadcast – Email is of course cost-effective and can be powerful, but should be combined with another channel. (Like direct mail) Consumers are much more comfortable clicking on and opening up an email from a local company. (Especially one they have done or do business with) If you are mailing your customer list but have not collected many emails, you’re not alone. Make sure you get a reputable company to append email addresses to your customer file.

All three of these channels will be linked to your Landing page.

Are you starting to see the difference between adding all these powerful Digital channel enhancements compared to just sending out one direct mail piece?

Hope these help you get more bang for your buck!

If you’re going to invest in direct mail marketing, make sure you add these powerful tools and boost response 40-60% shattering old ROI numbers!

It’s a profit game and these are game changers!

Drivers Seat


The growth of the Internet has brought with it a bunch of new companies. (Some with no car biz experience) With it, includes all kinds of new terms and measurements.

But, all the Video Display Pages (VDP’s), Impressions, Reviews, Reputation Management, Key Words, Click Through Rates, Algorithms, Analytics, Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), online reviews, Behavioral Targeting, Mobile, SEO, PPC, branding in the world don’t mean one hoot, if you can’t get the car buyers butt in the drivers seat for a test drive!

Thousands of car buyers in that 5 mile radius of your dealership have not set foot in a dealership in at least a few years. They have no idea what today’s cars and trucks really look and feel like. They have no idea how far technology has really come.

Car dealers, managers, and salespeople live in the automotive world so they don’t see the “puppy grow.” Car buyers however who have been absent (for even a year or two) will be amazed when they see up close and be able to interact with today’s new vehicle technology, much of it standard.

While everything changes, it stays the same. To this day, the number one influence car buyers (based on a study sponsored by Google) is still THE TEST DRIVE!

google report

What generates Test Drives? Incentives. The most common statement made in F&I during a digital/direct mail marketing event? “We didn’t really plan to buy anything today, we just came down for the free gift.”

Commit to a strong Digital strategy. But don’t forget the time tested, proven effective old school traditional direct mail marketing either. The most powerful event today is a little of both. Yes, a Multi-channel Digital/Direct Mail Marketing approach will deliver the results you expect and deserve! My time is up, good selling!

Todd Vowell


auto-black-pieceThat’s right, four in ten vehicles sold the past 11 months have been to consumers with credit scores of 640 and below.(Source WSJ, Equifax) That is the highest level since 2007. This reflects the relative health of the US economy and lenders willing to jump in and take more risk.

Also, many new “non bank lenders” are coming out with personal loans and other types of financing geared toward sub prime borrowers. So as the competition heats up for all this “Sub Prime Business,” are you taking advantage of the opportunity?

The Internet can only go so far when it comes to true targeted Sub Prime direct marketing. When a car dealer wants to be relevant to a specific market like credit scores of say 500 to 640, direct mail marketing is still the only way to deliver a “one to one” message that is unique and relevant to each and every customer.

Delivering the right message that is relevant to each customer is just the beginning. Once the customer receives the good news about the auto loan, the work has just begun. We must now convince them to reach out and do something about it. Giving the customer different ways to respond is critical. Some like to call, some like to “log on,” and yet others still like to just come down to the dealership. Make sure you have all bases covered.

To accomplish all this, you must have a strong well built:

  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response System) allows 24/7 action
  • Direct mail piece complete with plastic card and complex variable data capabilities
  • CRM (Track the leads, make sure your people follow up)
  • Targeted updated “real time” data scraped straight from the credit bureau
  • Personal URL (Many customers want to log on and find out more info) 24/7 as well
With over 28 years experience, call the direct/digital marketing experts today and start taking advantage of all this Sub Prime business! Call Todd Vowell, owner at Buy Mail Direct/Digital Car Leads now at 916-580-5190.

The Mission should you decide to take it: knock

1) The Used Car Manager will gas up a demo and visit each house that has a vehicle and gather information like Year, Make, and Model. (If its in the garage, peek through a window)

2) Get “clean book market value” for that vehicle.

3) Knock on the door and tell the vehicle owner that your dealership would be willing to buy their vehicle for that “book market value” plus throw on an additional 10% if they do it right now! (Of course adjust for normal wear and tear, excessive mileage, etc.)

4) If the owner of the vehicle is not there, just have your manager wait for them. (however long it takes)

5) If they want to do the deal but would need to replace the vehicle, bring them back to the dealership to pick out a new or newer car. (keep payments around the same amount)

6) If they want to do the deal but need some extra help financing it, bring out the F&I manager to help.

7) Now have the Used Car Manager repeat these steps at the next 10,000 closest households around the dealership. (It will take about 371 days or just over a year, if you did about 27 a day, so pack a lunch!)

If your Used Car Manager really did this, how many cars would you sell? Zero or just a few? I think most rational and fair minded owners/managers would say several! (Not to mention, some killer trades)

Or Just Call me and we will basically do the same thing in about an hour via our updated and targeted Digital/Direct Mail Marketing campaign for around .69 cents each!

Time management, its a beautiful thing…

Todd Vowell
Digital Car Leads
Buy Mail Direct, Inc.