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Overall brand loyalty stands at an average 49.5% so let’s just say car dealerships have a 50/50 chance that their new car buying customer is going to be back to do it again. There is no better time than now for dealers to dig into key stats and tap data driven strategies with both digital and traditional to gain market share BIG TIME!

The longer someone owns a vehicle, the less likely they are to trade it in for a new model of the same make. (Source: Experian)

With the average length of new car ownership being about 78 months, certain makes are held on to longer than others. Dodge and Buick have the longest ownership periods (average 113 months each) with Ford, Chevy, and Mitsubishi rounding out the top five.

Of course the short term vehicles owners have more loyalty and choose to replace their vehicle with the same brand 57% of the time.

What does it all mean for car dealers? From a digital and direct marketing perspective, it’s “Open Season” on Conquest owners and it’s a “wake up call” to take care of your customer base. If you as a dealership are not reaching out and touching your customers once a month or every other month, you can be sure someone else is.

Bottom-line, Registrations for light VIO here in the USA has reached a record level of 257,900,000. Brand loyalty is not what it used to be and never will be again. Conquest marketing is just as important as marketing to your customer base.

Hit them both, hit them often, and hit them hard!

Great Selling,

Todd Vowell


They say car shoppers now only visit 1.4 dealerships before they buy. Make sure that is your dealership they visit! Free stuff generates traffic but a well prepared sales and management team is what sells cars!

Buy Mail Direct has the most powerful Digital/Direct mail events in the country and this new premium hook makes sure your lot is packed come “EVENT DAY!”


scratch for riches pic

If your customer doesn’t win the $10,000 no worries!

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scratch for riches pic3


Call Todd today for new summer 2016 samples and more information!

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You just got an email with a special deal on 10,000 pieces of mail. The price is low, real low. Its enticing. So, you open the attachment and right before your very eyes, one nice looking piece! So you sign up and roll but then one little problem. Traffic is not good. Plus, the people that do bring in the piece hand it to you and it looks real bad, not to mention so thin, you could see through it. This happens too often.

It might be a little boring and many dealers don’t realize that the quality of the paper (no matter if its a postcard or actual mail piece with envelope) has a lot to do with the success of your direct mail event. A thicker paper runs the machines better and the quality of end product can be “night and day.” That of course in turn has a dramatic effect on response.

Cheap thin paper not only effects the response rate but it even effect the quantity of mail going out because thin paper jams the machines and “stops the presses” every time there is a problem. Many pieces end up in the garbage.(Spoilage) Some companies will make up for it, some don’t. Make sure to ask about overage/underage and what their policy is. (Is it 2% or 3% or ??? )

Here is a “Cheat Sheet” for automotive dealers and managers to reference when talking to companies about their piece. You may also want to request a hard copy sample. (Very common until email came around and another corner was cut out.)

paper weight

Anything below 80lb or 10pt. is unacceptable. (Especially if your doing a jumbo postcard with a key or other attachment on there.) There are special circumstances like when overall total weight (postage) comes into the picture. But more often than not, a good solid quality thick heavier paper is best. The investment is a little more but so worth it. If your going to do it, DO IT!

Hope this helps, make sure that “direct mail marketing expert” knows more than you do about this stuff. (Its their job to)  Then, get the right piece, to the right buyers, at the right time. MOVE METAL!

Great selling,

Todd Vowell -CEO

Digital Car Leads

Buy Mail Direct, Inc



facebook mon

Facebook has found its mojo and changed the rules forever.

Facebook discovered a way to get people, many people, hundreds of millions of people to hand over more personal information (Hobbies, Interest, likes, dislikes, favorite books, cars, movies, entertainment, food, etc. etc.) than you can imagine.

It doesn’t stop there. Facebook follows you after you leave and collects even more information, including websites you visit, activities, etc.

Facebook’s partnership with Datalogix and R.L. Polk has of course turned it up another notch. You add in the ability to upload a car dealership’s customers/prospects, or conquest data list for even more precision, we are now talking GAME CHANGER!

Here are the different types of Ads recommended for Car Dealerships!

facebook ad options

Hope this information is helpful. Please let us know if you have nay questions at all.

Good selling!


I have a secret for you. I say secret because I can’t find a dealer utilizing YouTube’s new “Interactive Cards.” Are you? If not, get a big time edge on the competition. Plus, start doubling “YouTube leads!”

You already know all the stats that are “off the chart” when it comes to car buyers consumption of watching videos. The newest stat though is over half are watched from a smartphone. YouTube sees it too. So they have a new Interactive addition you can put on all your videos.

Meaning, you can now add an Interactive card pointing viewers to your website or five other “Call To Action” choices. For example, as customers watch your video on that “hard to find pre-owned vehicle” you just got in, you can put a “Get Pre-approved Now” in the upper right corner of your video. (Or “visit our website for all inventory” or whatever you want) Customers click on it and can go right to your website link to get per-approved.

Is that not powerful? This is exciting stuff from YouTube!

Here are the directions, its easy:

How to set up YouTube interactive cards: (Or watch their video, click here)

1. Go to your YouTube video manager, click “edit” button. (Or click down arrow )
2. Click on “cards” in the top navigation bar, then click on “Add Card.”
3. Scrub to the point in the video where you want to add a card. This is where the teaser/title text will cue in the upper right corner of the video for about five seconds, then revert to an “I” icon in the same spot.
4. Click a blue button on the right called “Add Card” and it opens a window.
5. Select the card type you want to add.
6. Customize the card by adding an image, optimize the title, customize the call-to-action text, or adding a URL.
7. Repeat in other parts of the video as needed. You should space them out.
Click “Create Card!”

Great selling and happy interacting!

Todd Vowell

But before you do, consider the next best thing, Geo-Targeted Mobile Conquesting/Fencing!

Security Guard

There is a reason the mobile ad/marketing spend was 30.45 Billion last year and will reach 42.01 Billion this year. (eMarketer Jan 11, 2016)

There is so much you can do but lets focus on the proven effective and most powerful channels. Mobile Conquesting is another GAME CHANGER in the HOT HOT digital marketing world.

How? We can do Geo-Fencing down to 500 feet around your competitions location. We can even include exactly how far away they are from your dealership location along with directions.

Mobile conquest will let that traffic on your competitors lot right now know you are nearby and you will pay more for their trade, offer better deals, better selection, etc etc!

geo conquest around comptition

Geo-Fencing and Targeting are both powerful but lets not confuse the two.
Here is the difference!

geo fence and geo target

These are exciting times in the Digital/Direct Marketing World. Find what works for you and hammer it! People spend on average 3 hours a day on their smart phone so be there!

Good selling,

Todd Vowell


campaign 101

With the Presidential election process in full swing, what better way to explain the difference between a campaign and an event?

When running for president, you don’t just do an event and send one direct mail piece out that says “vote for me.” No, you run a campaign that repeats “why, how, what, where you should vote for me” over and over including direct mail, social media, and other media channels. The message includes facts, positions, experience, etc. You build value over time!

Let’s compare an event and a campaign in the automotive industry. If a car dealer is having an Event, it is one weekend. Good examples of this are Presidents Day Weekend, or Labor Day Weekend. These are holiday weekends that can be targeted with a direct mail piece (a hook) and invite customers and/or prospects in over a few days. Pack the lot, create that “buying environment” and sell cars.

A good example of a campaign would be the “Buy Back” Campaign. This is the most powerful campaign today. But most dealers don’t come close to taking full advantage of it. Let’s cover the right way to run a powerful Digital/Direct Marketing Campaign for the “Buy Back.”

First we define the audience. Are we hitting customers, conquest, or all year, make, models in a radius around the dealership? Once we have that, we then can build the campaign. A good campaign should last 90 days. There is an old saying, “repetition is the mother of all skill.”

So for this example, we have ran a 10 mile radius of the dealership and we are targeting all 2006 – 2013 Ford, Chrysler, GM, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Honda, and Hyundai vehicles. (Came out to 10,000 owners) At the end of the 90 days, those 10,000 vehicle owners that live in the same neighborhood as the dealership will all know there is a buyer for their vehicle, it’s serious, and we are talking “top dollar!”

This Campaign starts off with a multi-channel digital/direct marketing approach that Includes:

• Direct Mail (1st notice, second notice, last notice)
• Complex Variable Data
• pURL – Personal URL
• Blue or Black Book Value Appends
• tIP – Target IP’s
• Facebook/Instagram Newsfeed Targeting
• Landing or Lead Page
• Mobile Conquesting
• Email Broadcast
• BDC (To take phone calls and set appointments for dealership)

Everyone knows the Internet is hot. But we can’t forget that good old dependable and trusted mailbox out front. The mail is now perceived as “noteworthy.” (Oh, you got something in the mail? Must be important…)

You combine digital targeted messages (view-ability only on the computers, phones, tablets, and gaming devices of people receiving that important direct mail), you now have yourself one powerful Automotive Digital/Direct Marketing CAMPAIGN.

You hammer it for 90 days; you turn that campaign into an impressive and huge profit!

Happy campaign trails!